5 Things You Must Know to Begin Your Acting Career

If you’ve always dreamed of having a huge acting career, there are far more things that you need to know than simply Hollywood being the place where dreams come true. You will have to work harder than you have at almost any other time in your life. There will be times when the work will be so hard and intense, for seemingly nothing, and you’ll want to quit. However, if this is your dream, you will have to dig deep to keep yourself motivated.

Your motivation may be all you have to keep you going when things seem like they aren’t moving and jobs aren’t coming your way. You will have to know other things too if you plan to have a career in acting. Continue reading to get some tips and pointers for anyone considering acting as a career.

Some tips are:

The First Year Of Your Career is The Hardest.
Learning the ropes in the first year of any job is hard. Understanding the politics of the industry, the chain of command, and how to navigate the space is complex. As an actor, it is equally challenging and can make actors apprehensive.

Some of the apprehension comes from being in a space with other greats. However, it may be necessary to separate your work life from your personal life, especially in the first year, like other jobs. That separation may feel like isolation; however, until you are sure of yourself and comfortable with your coworkers, focus on your craft and your place on the cast.

Consider Your Acting a Business.
As an actor, you are a freelance worker. You get paid for your work and, therefore, need to treat it as a business. One of the first orders of business will be figuring out how to get an acting agent so that your business can grow. Ask for references and referrals before signing a contract.

You will also need to take care of making yourself the best product possible, which is vital. That includes going to a dentist and having your teeth whitened, visiting an esthetician for skin treatments as needed, eating a balanced diet, and keeping yourself in the best shape possible. Make your whole self a business entity that directors, agents, and others will be happy to invest in.

Become Friends With Casting Directors and Agents.
Agents are the ones who get information about actors sought for specific roles. You will need an excellent agent to get you in the door for auditions to particular shows. Humble yourself and know that they are doing a service for you. You most certainly pay them for working for you; however, a friendly attitude can draw more jobs and opportunities. Also, if you find yourself in a position to befriend casting directors or other agents, you have nothing to lose but additional options by not becoming friends with them.

Remain Cooperative, Prepared, and Professional.
It is no secret that rejection is a big part of acting and the entire Hollywood scene. You may go into an audition and believe that you’ve nailed the job only to learn it was given to someone else. You must remain cooperative, prepared, and professional, even during those times of rejection.

Also, instead of sticking your head in the sand and being discouraged, you must continue working toward your dream goals. That means you must continue to send headshots, go to auditions, take care of yourself, work to make connections, and do everything in your power to help your career take off.

Working Hard Daily is Essential to Success.
You must know your strengths and weaknesses as an actor. Recognizing them instead of having to be told repeatedly. That will keep you improving your strengths and challenging yourself daily.

It is also essential to take the time between acting jobs to take new headshots, mail your headshots, check in with your agent, take dance classes, and do what you can daily to stay engaged in the success of your career.

As you have read above, it is imperative to your success as an actor that does a few things to get your career going. Your desire and dreams of becoming an actor can become a reality with these tips and your perseverance.