Find out how to ensure your camping gear stays in good condition until your next adventure.

 You’ve had lots of adventures outdoors, you’ve used all your camping gear and enjoyed every moment of it, but now the time has come to put it away until next year. How do you make sure the equipment stays in great condition? How do you make sure it’s stored efficiently?

Don’t worry, we can help. We’ve got the lowdown on 5 ways to prioritise and pack camping gear before you store it away:

1.  Prioritise Your Tent

Your tent is a central feature of your camping experience so it makes sense to commit to cleaning it and drying it well before you put it away. Make sure there is no debris inside, and rinse the outside out allowing it to fully dry before putting it away. Lastly, make sure there are no pegs or strings missing before entirely zipping the tent bag up fully.

2.  Remove Camping Gas & Batteries

Any camping gear with gas or batteries inside should have those items removed and stored separately. They can leak or corrode their surroundings in storage so it’s a really good idea to separate them before any kind of storage.

3.  Store In Categories

It is important to store your belongings in categories that will be really handy to access when your next camping trip comes around. Use labels, separate items into boxes, and use tape, string and bags to store loose items together. You’ll thank yourself for doing this next time you get your belongings out for a trip.

4.  Choose The Right Storing Location

Mice, insects and other pests love making a home of camping materials. Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon to go and grab your camping gear from the garage after a long period of time, only to find it covered in holes, chew marks and even faeces. Alternatively your belongings could have gone mouldy because they were stored somewhere damp, or the materials could be bleached or warped through heat exposure.

To avoid any of these issues, it is important to store your camping gear correctly. If you can use self storage in London (or local to you) that will help keep your things in good shape. Even better, cheap self storage in London with climate control will ensure your things stay in exactly the right environment to keep them in fantastic condition.

5.  Declutter Before Packing

Any items that are broken or faulty should be thrown away, repaired or replaced before you pack everything away into storage. There is nothing worse than having to fix, replace and repair lots of camping gear when you get ready for a trip. Even better, it can be cheaper to replace camping gear at the end of summer after your trip, rather than at the beginning of a new camping season. This is because supermarkets and shops want to sell off this year’s stock ready to sell items for winter, like Christmas wrapping and gifts, for example.

By following these tips you have a great chance of making sure your camping gear is in great condition next time you prepare for an epic trip. Preparation now means more room for spontaneity and fun next time the chance for adventure comes around.