Thanks to our hectic lifestyle, all of us are known to resort to travel agents when it comes to travelling. No body, wants to take the hassle of organizing the whole trip themselves as it is time consuming and also most of the times, we do not have the adequate knowledge and knowhow about the place that we are travelling to. On the other hand, the travel agents are experts in this field and will surprise you with awesome deals for new places.

Here are 5 things to keep in mind while zeroing on to a perfect travel agent.

  1. Do a Reference Check:

    When zeroing on to a travel agent to book around the world flights ensure that you decide on one that is credible and genuine. The best way to go about it is to actually ask your friends and families and decide on one that they have used and can vouch for. Also, alternatively, you can browse through the testimonial section and then you can gauge from there as to what is the feedback of the clientele.

  2. 24×7 Accessibility:

    This is an important aspect when deciding on to a travel agent. When you are planning to take around the world flights you will be visiting multiple places and countries and each place will have a different requirement. Ensure that your travel agent is 24×7 accessible so that you can reach out to him is need be.

  3. Pre Travel Requirements:

    The job of an ideal travel agent is to brief you up with the pre travel requirements. When you are planning to travel to multiple places, then it makes sense that the visa and other immigration requirements are already sorted by your travel agent before your board the flight. Not only will it help to save on time but also on money as often visa on arrival might take time. Also various countries have different requirements like a particular size of photograph is required for the visa and so on. All these factors are also taken into consideration beforehand by the travel agent.

  4. Tie Up with Flights:

     Now, when you are planning to opt for around the world flights, speak to your travel agent so that he can assist you in getting hefty airline discounts if you travel by the same airline . Most of these agents are known to have tie ups with airlines and offer you hefty discounts which otherwise as a layman you might miss out on.


  1. Hotel Booking:

    When you are travelling to multiple countries, ensure that you book your hotel accordingly. Speak to your travel agent on the fact that what kind of budget and location you are looking for and accordingly book the same. It is important to book a hotel that is well connected.

If you are wondering, as to where can you find a travel agent that will fit all the above parameters in Australia , think no more as you can simply log onto and avail all the benefits at the click of a button.