The decision to buy or sell a property can be challenging. It is not like getting into a restaurant and ordering a piece of burger. For instance, you can throw your burger if it is not satisfying. But, you will be stuck with the decision to buy or sell a property for long.

So, in the competitive real estate industry, you need to hire a competent and reliable agent. Here are five aspects that you can consider before hiring a real estate agent:

Real Estate Agency Services

It is quite advantageous and fruit-bearing if you work with a well structured real estate specialists. A real estate agent can specialize in a specific region, the type of property (residential, commercial, retail, industrial) and activities (selling, letting et cetera).

Specialization puts the agents in a suitable position to study the neighborhood and optimally exhaust it in a particular region. If you consider specialization, you will always have someone who understands your needs and goes out of their way to satisfy it.

Working with real estate specialists is like driving a well-oiled machine – a great feeling indeed. A specialist will offer you valuable information in your line of interest, and offer efficient and quality services.

If you choose to sell a house with a seller specialist agency, you are likely to close the deal within a short time frame, unlike working with a single agent. So, choose an agent with an inside sales department.

Working Schedule

A real estate agent that works full-time is more reliable than a part-time real estate agent. If you are in real estate either as a buyer or a seller, you clearly understand the saying’ Time is money’. A one minute delay makes a huge difference in the competitive real estate industry.

The one minute difference can either make you close a deal or lose it. Ooops, that is sad. Always opt for a full-time real estate agent whose dedication is on acting as a liaison between buyers and sellers.

Operational Permit

It will help if you confirm that your real estate agent is licensed before hiring them. Working with a legalized real estate agent helps you avoid needless broker or scammers. Imagine your efforts to build a home or your life’s savings washed down the drain within a blink by scammers?


A licensed and genuine real estate agent will save from distortion, such as overpricing or underpricing of your property. So, always opt for licensed real estate agents.

Work Experience

The real estate market dynamics and trends are not static. So, you need to hire a real estate agent who has excellent experience. Depending on your location you can find an agent that will work well for you. For example, if you live in Pennsylvania this is something that Lehigh Valley Real Estate takes pride in.

A real estate with vast experience understands quite well the market trends and offers valuable advice. An experienced real estate agent has essential negotiable skills. He can predict the market trends, and establish a rapport with other agents and the authorities.

Ask questions like: How long have they been in real estate agency? How many deals have they closed within a 5 or 10 years period? What are the average days that a property can remain in the agent’s listing section? A real estate agent that has been in the market for over five years has enough experience and can be a sure bet.

Commission Percentage

The commission percentage is a crucial consideration you need to make before hiring a real estate agent. You wouldn’t want to sell your house at a loss. So, settle on an agent whose commission percentage is within your financial budget.

The standard real estate commission is 6%, so anything above that should be avoided. As the seller, it is advisable always to add the commission fee in your stated selling price. That way, you avoid chances of making losses in case of price negotiation.

Hiring a top-rated real estate agent will take a load of stress off your shoulders. However, as the buyer or seller, you have a huge role to play. Understand the current market trends and dynamics to avoid distortion. Above all, hiring a real estate agent to link with a buyer or a seller is the best decision you can make as an individual.