Escape room games can be a lot of fun and at the same time, they teach you a lot of things about life. Escape room games are becoming popular all over the world and therefore if you still have not tried them yet, now would be a good time to do so. Due to the rising popularity of escape games, they are now played all over the world and therefore if you are heading to a new place like Calgary for a vacation trip, make sure to visit the nearest escape game centre for a novel experience. The memory of your first escape game will be something that will stay with you for the years to come and therefore to help you prepare, here are the five things that you must know before playing your first escape room game.

  1. The Challenge

Escape room games are designed to be challenging and therefore you will require all your spidey senses to succeed in this game. Challenging however does not mean escape games are not fun enough or will be too difficult for people who are not good with puzzles. Escape room games are designed to make you think, plan and then execute your chosen plan of action. The feature that makes it different from other games is the level of excitement that you feel while playing. You will end up having a lot of fun when all your senses are engaged to overcome the challenge thrown at you.

  1. Team Building

Escape games are not that much fun when played alone and therefore they are perfect for team building activities. Connecting with people helps us work better and many well known organizations encourage team building activities among their employees. Networking is an important component of any corporation that wants to succeed and therefore you need to have a good coordination with the people that you work with. Escape room games will help you interact with your peers in an enjoyable way and you will leave with a few friends when you leave the game.

  1. There is nothing to be scared about!

One of the common misconceptions that people have is that escape rooms are scary because of the locked rooms. This is completely false because escape rooms keep you under an illusion that you are locked up in a room but in reality, there are exit buttons placed at specific places for your safety. If you are uncomfortable then you can get out quite easily and therefore there is nothing claustrophobic about escape rooms! Many old timers will actually agree that a haunted house is a much scary experience as compared to escape rooms.

  1. The Important Thing Is To Have Fun

If you are playing escape room for the first time then there is a chance that you might not be able to escape from room you are placed in. Failing at you first game can be emotional if you have a competitive streak and are playing to win. Remember to have fun because that is the reason people love escape room. The goal should be to enjoy and have fun. You can easily win once you have figured out the game and therefore keep trying till you succeed.

  1. Escape Rooms Are For Everyone

Escape rooms are popular because they have a universal appeal. It is difficult to not enjoy the game and this is the reason many people are never satisfied by a single round of game. Escape rooms are quite addictive and everyone can play them—regardless of any specific interest that they might have. So don’t be under a misconception that you need a very high IQ to truly have fun when it comes to escape rooms!

The above were some things that you need to know while playing your first escape room in Calgary. We hoped you are prepared now to take up the challenge!