Caring for your home is a never-ending task, and the summer months bring new home maintenance needs and challenges that require a homeowner’s attention. For example, the intensity of the sun’s rays and the heat of the day can take their toll on your home. Pests, yard chores and more also need to be planned for. Preparing your home for the months ahead requires minimal effort and offers true benefits for you and for your home throughout the summer season and beyond.


Schedule AC Service

Regardless of the climate where you live, you likely will rely on your home’s air conditioning system to provide you with cooled air and a comfortable indoor environment. Air conditioners generally should be serviced at the beginning of each warm weather season. This important AC maintenance service involves cleaning components, replacing filters, replenishing fluids and more. It can help your system to run more efficiently, and it may reduce the risk of downtime related to bothersome and potentially expensive repair needs.


Re-Seal Doors and Windows

An easy and beneficial weekend project involves re-sealing doors and windows. You can replace the weather-stripping around your exterior door frames to keep exterior air and pests out of your home. Resealing the windows with a new application of caulk also serves these same purposes. You may notice that your home remains cooler and your energy bills are lower as a result of this simple project.


Pet Management

Pets are an awesome addition to every home, but in the summer it is important to care for them and change their needs. With the weather getting hotter, scheduling regular grooming dates is important. You can use a mobile dog groomer to make this task easier!


Prepare for Summer Lawn Maintenance

Lawn maintenance needs can increase substantially in the summer months. This is a growing season, so many of your bushes and shrubs as well as your grass and even weeds will grow abundantly and quickly. Review your lawn maintenance equipment before the season begins to ensure that everything is in good working order. Now is the time to update your equipment and tools as needed. If you are not up for the chore of regular lawn care, consider scheduling professional service.


Schedule a Roof Inspection

An annual roof inspection completed by a certified roofer is a smart idea. Through this inspection service, you can learn about the condition of your roof and the need for any repair or maintenance services. Your roof can take a beating in the summer under the brutal weather conditions, so it makes sense to ensure that it is in great condition before the season begins. You may be inclined to inspect your roof yourself. Be aware that walking on your roof is dangerous and should be avoided. In addition, a professional with a trained eye can usually spot damage that an average homeowner may not be able to see.


Plan Ahead for Pest Control

Many pests become very active during the warm weather months. For example, you may notice an increase in activity involving ants, wasps, bees, rodents and more. Many will try to enter your home to escape the heat or to look for food. Others will make a home in your yard. Some of these pests can be harmful to you and your family, and others may cause significant damage to your home. Regardless of where you live and the pests that are most common in your area, it makes sense to schedule pest control service ahead of time or to be prepared to take your own pest control steps as soon as you spot activity.


After reviewing this list of home maintenance and prep tips for the summer months, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of items that require your attention. While there are several items on this list, most can be completed very quickly. In fact, you may be able to complete them all over a spring weekend. Doing so will help to ensure that you and your home are as prepared as possible for the summer months. Now is a great time to get started or to pick out a weekend to dedicate to completing these steps.