Is it time for you to move on and buy another house? If it is, then you’ll probably have to sell your old house too. When you sell a house, there are various things that can affect its value, here are a select few:



Having a garage can greatly improve the price of your home. For some buyers, a garage is an absolute necessity. This could be because they have an expensive car and are not comfortable leaving it parked on the street or in an open driveway. Or, they might want the extra space that a garage gives you. Whatever their reasons, if your house has a garage then it’s happy days for you.


Another thing that factors into house value is where your property is located. Certain areas of the country have higher house prices than others. So bare this in mind when you purchase a property, if it’s in a prime location it will be easy to sell on for a good price. Also, Lottoland have discovered that living in certain areas gives you an improved chance of winning the lottery. So if your house is in one of these locations, that could be a great excuse for you to bump up the value just a little bit.


If your house has a garden, then the value is already increased. But, the bigger your garden is, the more the price will go up. Big gardens are seen as an added luxury and are in high demand. You’ll always get families looking for potential houses with huge gardens for their kids to play in. If your garden is large but also looks nice, and has a patio/decking, then the value of your house is only heading in one direction.


A smart idea is to give your kitchen some TLC, and a new makeover. The kitchen is a room that can easily alter the value of a house. A nice, state of the art, kitchen will definitely ramp up the price of any house. It’s a bit like your garden, in the sense that the bigger your kitchen is, the more it will add to house value. People like to buy kitchens with lots of space and modern technology. If you’ve done yours up over the years, you’ll begin to see that hard work pays off.


If you’ve converted your attic space into an extra room, then that will positively affect the house price. In fact, and I’m giving you two tips for the price of one here, the more rooms a house has, the more it will get sold for. If you bought a three-bedroom house but converted the attic into another room, you can now sell it as a four bedroom house. So, already, it might get you more money than what you paid for originally.

The best thing about most of these things is that they’re edits you can make to a house, increasing its value over time. Obviously you can’t change its location, but that still contributes hugely to a house’s value. So, bare these five things in mind when you’re looking to sell your home.