If you are envious of those who have beautiful long lashes, you are not alone. What woman doesn’t want long lashes? However, we aren’t all given the gift of long lashes. Many of us were born with short and sparse lashes. But you don’t have to settle for short, stubby lashes. There are things that you can do to better your lashes. We are giving you the in and outs of faking your way to long, gorgeous lashes.

1. Use a lash primer before mascara

Using mascara is one method to create fuller, longer lashes but using a lash primer before you apply your mascara takes it to the next level. Although you do see a difference in the fullness and darkness of your lashes with most mascaras, there aren’t many that can provide you with a dramatic difference in the length of your lashes. A lash primer will add synthetic fibers to the end of your lashes, extending them beyond the point where your natural lashes end. This may not be a method that you want to go through every day because it adds another step to your makeup routine. However, if you want longer lashes and you can add an extra two or three minutes to your makeup routine it can make a big difference in your lashes.

2. Wear false eyelashes

False lashes can take time to get used to. It takes a bit of time to get used to the lashes on your eye and it takes time to get used to applying the lashes to your eyes. You may get it a bit wrong the first few times that you try to apply false lashes, however, when they are applied correctly they can look amazing. But don’t worry you don’t have to be a makeup artist to apply false lashes well. One tip is to make sure that the lashes fit your eyes, if they are too long cut the ends and tailor them to your eyes. You should also make sure that the glue is tacky on the lashes before you apply them to your eyes. False lashes are a great way if you want to fake long lashes for an event or if you just want to amp up your look for a regular day. They are also an accessible method because you can get false lashes at any drugstore or makeup specialty store.

3. Get lash extensions

A longer lasting method is to get lash extensions. Lash extensions are great for those who would rather spend two hours at a salon getting lash extensions applied than putting on mascara or false eyelashes on the daily basis. When you get lash extensions, semi-permanent glue is used to apply each individual lash to your lash line. They last around six to eight weeks and you don’t have to put anything on before you walk out the door in the morning. Once the lashes are on the will gradually fall off as your natural growth cycle of your lashes continues. The cost varies depending on the salon that you go to and the city that you live in but in general, it is a more costly method if you get lash extensions regularly.

4. Use natural oils to condition and grow your lashes

Natural oils can be a great way to achieve longer lashes. You can help promote lash growth by applying natural oils to your lash line on a daily basis. One natural oil that is great for conditioning your lashes is olive oil. It is great for promoting longer lashes because it is fortified with vitamin E, a vitamin that is great for promoting longer and stronger hair. Coconut oil is also a great oil that you can use to condition and improve growth in your lashes. You can use both of these oils by applying a small amount of the oil on a Q-tip and brushing it against the lash line.

5. Use eyelash growth products

There are many products on the market that you can use to grow your lashes. They are specifically formulated in order to improve the health of your lashes. You should make sure that you do research on eyelash growth products before you purchase one and use it on your eyes. You should ensure that the products is verified for public use and is made with non irritating ingredients as the eyes and the skin around the eyes are very sensitive. A few products that you can consider are: Vichy Liftactif Serum, Revitalash, and Protégé Embellash Growth Enhancing Lash & Brow Elixir.


Long lashes never go out of style. If you want longer lashes for the day or for the long term we have listed methods that you can get you the results that you want. If you are just looking for better lashes on a short term basis, you can try a lash primer, false lashes, or lash extensions. If you are looking for long term solutions try conditioning your lashes with strengthening oils or a lash growth product.