3870006964_57d04d9c95_oThere will always be ups and downs in life, but one of the tricks to keeping yourself more on the ‘up’ side of the balance is by staying inspired. And while it may seem like such a simple thing to maintain and rely on inspiration whenever you want, without at least a little bit of a plan, it has a tendency to escape you without you knowing why. Since it can be hard to regain your inspiration once you’ve lost it, it’s important to stay inspired throughout the day.

So, if you find yourself struggling a bit with maintaining a positive attitude, consider the following five ways to keep yourself inspired about life, but not in an over the top manner, think about the following five tips.

Wear It On Your Wrist

Even if you aren’t a materialistic person, if you buy a luxury watch, it can be a subtle but persistent reminder to yourself to both enjoy the fine things in life, and pay attention to time as it passes. You’ll notice that many luxury watches are extremely understated, and that goes with the theme of them being something that you have for yourself to understand, as opposed to a symbol strictly for other people to decode.

Keep It In Your Phone

There are plenty of ways to install inspiring apps on your phone. There are hundreds if not thousands of options, ranging from totally free to slightly more expensive ones that have additional value some way or another. Inspiration can range from personalized messages, to daily alarms, to quotes from famous people, but the point is to keep them near and schedule them for when you need them. Since most of us have our phones constantly with us anyway, using inspirational apps is an easy way to stay inspired throughout the day.

Revisit Your Spiritual Self Daily

Regardless of your own persuasion, checking in with yourself daily on a spiritual or religious level will help keep you calm and inspired about life in general. If it’s been difficult for you to find motivation within yourself, then look for it externally in the form of various teachings that you can return to on a regular basis.

Be Quiet For a Few Minutes Per Day

One of the benefits of having a few quiet minutes to yourself per day is that you can often find your inspiration in those moments. With no noise, no distractions, no speech to analyze – you can find out what calm thoughts are in your mind, and what inspiring actions you have to take next in your life. You can simply sit in silence or take a few minutes to meditate, but no matter how you decide to use this time, it will help you stay inspired.

Take Time Away From Your Devices

And though one way to get inspired is to have inspirational quotes on your phone, another way to stay inspired is to actually ditch your phone for a few hours. Let yourself remember what life was like before you checked your phone every five minutes. You may be surprised to see how peaceful it is there.