Unlike the popular belief, love birds who live far from each other tend to have a stronger relationship then the ones who live in proximity to each other. The thing is that we tend to take our relationships for granted. And we only realize it when someone is not around.

So if you are in a distant relationship, then you are in luck as you can value this relationship as a serious affair and not just as a fling.

When it comes to surviving a distant relationship, here are the most important things you need to know.

1. Trust Your Partner
Trust plays a vital role in every relationship. This is especially true for a long distance relationship. Of course, if the latter has simply emerged out of external circumstances and you cannot change anything about it at the moment, then the subject of trust naturally takes on a special meaning.

Being over-possessive for your partners is also harmful. Questions like “Why is she not replying to my messages?” or why is he going out with his (girl) friends that much?” can develop misunderstandings which often kill a happy relationship.

If you are always in doubts that are not based on irrational thinking and doubts rather than on reasons, then you should realize one thing: The very fact that your lover is taking on a distant relationship is a significant vote of confidence.

2. Present a Gift
Gifts serve as memento for someone who is living away from you. If you are physically apart from your loved one, you can present him/her a gift that they can touch and feel. This will keep reminding them about you.

If you are a male, then you can probably gift a pendant, ring, makeup kit to her. As for females, they can gift a keychain, hoodie with custom embroidered patches of love signs or a pair of shoes.

Don’t forget to surprise your love with gifts on Valentine’s day and Christmas.

3. Communication Is Key
Without an interaction that occurs regularly, a long-distance relationship is unlikely to succeed. Also, in this technology-driven world, you cannot hide behind expensive phone calls and faulty equipment excuses.

What should you talk about? Few topics should be discussed early on. For example, your goals in life, likes, and dislikes, for example. Depending on your partner’s style of communication, anything and everything is necessary to keep the spark alive in a relationship.

4. Set Routines For Communication
Different time zones can be a hurdle in communication between you and your family. You would not want to break his/her sleep just because you want to wish a happy birthday or want to inform him/her about your new job offer or the new t-shirt with custom patches of “I love you” on it.

A predetermined schedule of communication will be mutually satisfying for both of you. Here, technology can work for you. You can use technology platforms like Skype as per the region where you are making a call.

5. Deal with Conflicts
Fights and conflicts can result in nasty relationships. To avoid such a scenario, you need to address conflicts and points of disagreement as smoothly as you can. A laid back attitude on over these types of matters can affect your relationship.

For example, missing a birthday wish is undoubtedly a big mistake, but not saying sorry can be the wrong thing to do in this situation.

Your partner can be anywhere in the world. The point mentioned above can increase your chances of success in this type of relationship.