Cleaning agreement covers personal home, business office or a large industrial facility. It must highlight tasks to be performed by a particular maid agency in Dubai, how often and when they should be done, who’s responsible for cleaning supplies, entrance etiquettes and compensation so on.

Contract must also emphasise name and details of individuals allowed to enter the premises. How to deal with cancellation issues or any damage done to the property are other features. If you’re selected cleaning service is without a contract, write one on your own from the details provided here.

  1. Get familiar with the basics

A contract is valid if it’s formed by parties willing to exchange something valuable and have a legal reason of acceptance. Dealers have to be above 18 years having no mental disability to avoid inconvenience and misunderstanding of any sort. To avoid any such confusion, a maid agency in Dubai and immediate client must agree verbally before drafting the final contract for which one-to-one business meeting is a must.

  1. Standard terms

Name and address of parties entering the agreement goes on topside of the document whereas cleaners have a right to charge for their service. Start and ending date of the contract must also be highlighted however if you wish the agreement to last a year or more, elucidate. Also list details of a person responsible for building keys and when he’s allowed to enter the premises; signature and date line goes at the bottom.

  1. The actual cleaning services

The contract must list all the areas to be cleaned along with additional services such as cooking, grocery shopping, tuck-in-bed and morel; usually linked with housecleaning. Contract must also state basic instructions like; “cleaner should mop areas in foyer, bath, bed and dining room”; this is again specific to housecleaning service.

While cleaning hardwood floors or any other delicate surface, list types of cleaning supplies and who’ll provide the service. Don’t forget to highlight special guidelines since it’s something beyond the usual cleaning job! Routine and non-routine tasks must be jotted separately like windows, baseboard, furniture polish, unblocking sewerage line and shower scrubbing.

  1. Payment solution & other requirements

Amount you’ve initially settled with maid agency in Dubai must be mentioned in the contract. Determine whether they’ll be paid monthly or on per-hour basis and that depends on overall interior arrangement. If company is providing additional services other than traditional cleaning, charges will definitely vary depending on what you’re asking for. Viable solution for cancellations and dispute handling are also mentioned with possible deduction if service isn’t satisfactory.

  1. Meeting & document print

Rather than talking on the phone, it’s much better visiting the maid agency in Dubai and have a one-on-one meeting. Doing so will also help determine whether service provider is operating legitimately and have a license registration. Make a list of all valuable questions such as how and when do you need services, payment, dispute handling, number of cleaners, area, nature of work and much more.


When that’s done, better write the document and use software such as MS-Word or notepad thus reducing errors. Online templates are also available which you can easily download and improvise per business needs. Final draft must be error free bearing company stamp and signature of both dealers.