Young HR professionals are stepping into an important career path with plenty of potential. But while they may be helping other young professionals advance their careers and enjoy their jobs, they may be unsure about how to do the same for themselves.

Here are some important ideas and career tips for how HR professionals can advance their career while being truly effective in their position.

Learn your business and its industry

You are not just a HR professional. You are part of a business, or some other organization which seeks to grow and have the best employees. Read magazines or periodicals about your industry, and be aware who of what is going on in the company. Furthermore, meet up with the regular workers and get to know their habits. Who works odd hours? How can you become more visible? And above all else, how can you help them do their jobs? A good HR professional should always be listening and willing to lend a helping hand without having to be asked by workers. You can offer better advice and become more respected.

Clean up your language

You should already know that as a professional, you must look your best and dress appropriately every day. Vulgar language is not only unprofessional, but can sometimes be used as evidence of a “hostile work environment” if a worker chooses to sue your business for harassment as the law firm Loeb & Loeb points out. Stop using profanity, and also look to keep your language simple and comprehensible so that workers know exactly what you are telling them. Once again, listening to your co-workers is an important step to improve your language.

Learn the evolving HR trends

HR is a constantly evolving field, whether it is a change in what workers want, how technology affects the workplace, or changes in corporate ethics and accountability. A HR professional who stays in front of these trends will show that he is dedicated to their craft and will be able to formulate plans to help the business adapt.

Build integrity and trust

Human resources play an important role, but many workers find them a nuisance at best and an outright threat to their positions at worst. This lack of trust happens because employees misunderstand what HR is about. HR is not some labor union which exists to protect the employees, but a conduit to make sure management and labor are all on the same page.

HR professionals must be sincere and upfront with labor, both in trying to help them and in telling what we can and cannot do. Some people will inevitably be upset. But by doing a good job as well as being fair and consistent, you can steadily earn trust over time and advance.

Acquire new skills

Learning new trends, such as the latest in kitchen design and what is going on in the business is not enough. HR professionals have to constantly look to develop new skills so that they can continue to help others. Look around the area for local classes and seminars which will make you a better worker and you will show management both your new skills as well as your dedication towards self-improvement.