5 Small Ways to Make Your Life Even Better

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Oftentimes, people set major goals at the start of a new year. When February rolls around, those goals tend to be long forgotten. One of the reasons why this happens is because so many people focus on the large goals instead of the small wins they can gradually achieve over the course of one year. By changing your life in small ways, you can make a large impact over the long haul. Consider five small ways you can make your life even better than it already is.

1. Improve the Quality of Your Sleep

If you’re used to scrolling through social media apps or you love to binge-watch an entire series through a streaming service, know that these habits are directly impacting your ability to sleep well. Because so many people are used to functioning on very little sleep, the benefits aren’t always communicated. Plus, the current work/grind culture promotes the idea that sleep shouldn’t be a priority. By improving the quality of your sleep, taking a sleep supplement, or developing a great bedtime routine, you’ll support your body’s ability to thrive in its waking hours.

2. Gradually Decrease Your Intake of Sugar

While there’s nothing wrong with a nice latte or a chocolate chip cookie, sugar can be detrimental when it’s consumed in excess. If you have a sweet tooth, know that you don’t have to completely eliminate sugar. Instead, read the labels to know how much sugar is in your food. Increase your intake of whole foods that don’t have labels on them. Plan your sweet treat instead of indulging throughout the day. From supporting your hormones to a healthy weight, watching your sugar intake can definitely help you improve and prolong your lifespan.

3. Work on a Career-Boosting Certification

There are countless ways to improve your career. However, before you decide to start applying to all of the graduate school programs, consider some other avenues as well. If you’ve already pursued a degree in math or accounting, consider investing in CPA exam preparation in order to become licensed. This one step can help you boost your resume, command more dollars and gain new experiences.

4. Indulge Daily in a Physical Act of Self-Care

Studies suggest that physical touch is so important in a person’s ability to complete the stress cycle. Whether you get a hug from a loved one or a massage at a local spa, find physical ways to express self-care. Exercise is considered an excellent form of self-care. You can go for a walk on your lunch break or enjoy a cardio dance class after work. If you don’t have the extra funds to visit the local nail salon, give yourself a pedicure. Pour some Epsom salt in a warm bath as you relax for an hour. These small yet indulgent acts of physical self-care can truly make each day memorable, pleasurable, and enjoyable. In turn, this improves the overall quality of your life.

5. Read a Book

Reading is directly connected to stress reduction. If you currently struggle with depression, reading can help you fight your symptoms. As you get older, your cognitive function naturally declines. By reading, you can prevent or prolong this process. It also helps you improve your language and vocabulary as you connect with others. Keep a good book by your bedside that you can read at the start of your day and at the end of your day.

While there’s nothing wrong with setting big goals, don’t get lost in them. Instead, break those goals down into bite-sized action steps that you can gradually adopt over time. When you make these goals a part of your lifestyle, they’ll become habitual. As a result, you’ll turn small practices into small, sustainable ways you can make your life even better.

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