No matter how young we might seem we are, skin aging can still be visible in our skin due to a lot of factors that contribute to making our skin look old and dull than before. But you are not in this alone. Truth is, there are a lot of women who suffer from the same thing. So why not take this time and get inspired to help your body in reversing the added years onto your skin?

Don’t let your aging signs and symptoms be a joke. Act now before everything can be too late. Take this signs below as warning signs that it’s time to move and find a solution fast before worse comes to worst.

1) Strawberry Nose (Enlarged Pores)

Strawberries are yummy, yet, but having that dotted texture in your skin is a big no-no. At times, those so-called strawberry noses are what makes others vomit in disgust as they start to see it in their reflections in the mirror. Sadly, it is a sure sign of effects of aging on skin. And much to our dismay, no one can shrink a pore. But luckily, we can prevent the appearance of it in our skin by boosting the collagen production of our body. Using some tightening cream or undergoing some firming medical treatments are just some traditional solutions to this skin problem.

2) Thinning Hair

Ever been the problematic one who can’t solve their hair fall issues? Then prepare early for your aging years as thinning of hair will most likely occur to you in your older years to come. Although hair fall issues can be a cause of some medications you’ve taken in, increased stress level from work, hormonal shifting or you’re already undergoing menopause, all of these can still take your youthful glow away from you. Prevent this problem by brushing your hair several times frequently throughout the day. With these, your scalp will be massaged and your, hair follicles can strengthen even for just a bit.

3) Turkey Neck

No, it is not Thanksgiving Day nor any celebrations that require a turkey at the table. But it can be the forming turkey neck in your skin. This skin aging sign is due to the loosening of the skin as the main ingredient, collagen, and elastin that is responsible for skin firming and tightening of the skin is rapidly decreasing in its production, thus, effects of aging on skin become visible than before. To avoid being the center of the menu, apply some moisturizers that are high in collagen onto your neck and face.

4) Cracked And Sore Feet

Since our skin is becoming drier than it is during your younger years, you may begin to experience foot pain and swelling in this stage of life. An explanation here is that as we age up, the circulation of our blood in our body starts to slow down, thus, lesser oxygen to outer extremities which are our feet and hands. With poor circulation, the moisture in our skin starts to fade away and dryness occurs, therefore, cracking of heels and feet are achieved. Moisturize your feet every day to get the hydration that your feet needs and you will surely see the results in just a matter of days.

5) Wrinkles And Fine Lines

Much to our dismay, having fine lines and wrinkles are still the no. 1 most monitored signs of aging around the globe. Its causes are the repeated muscle activities on certain areas of our face like the frequent frowning or smiling. And since the collagen and elastin in our skin begin to break down and reduce its number, our skin starts to form fine lines along the muscle edges of the said muscle activities. With these, the only solution is prevention. I’m not saying that you are not allowed to laugh or frown or squint. The point is, to prevent those fine lines and wrinkles from forming, the proper skin-care routine must be performed. Apply sunscreen when going out to sun exposure, remove makeup at the end of every day and cleanse, exfoliate and tone your skin for a healthier prolonged youth.

Skin aging varies from a lot of different reasons. Even each and every reason differs, they still have one thing in common, and that is they are inevitable. So if a cure isn’t an option, then go with the next perspective, the prevention. Don’t let your skin take over in telling your age. Prevent the signs of it and regain your youth back. Besides, with all those efforts in shooing away the signs of aging, then you definitely deserve it, right?

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