Beautifying a wall that serves as a focal point within your living space can be a tall order. It’s about more than just placing an item of furniture or hanging a painting to break the monotony. If you do it right, you can transform your living space from a plain wall into something you’re proud to show off to your guests when they come to visit.

Wall decor
There are many options for enhancing blank walls, from decorative stickers to paintable wallpapers. You can also use three-dimensional wallpapers which have a more natural look and feel, featuring views like sea shores and city skylines. Whatever you do, the key is to ensure that your choice works well into the other design elements of the space. Read on for more ideas.
1. Decorative mirrors
Huge, magnificent mirrors with beautiful borders not only enhance the beauty of a space, but the mirror effect can help to make a small space appear larger. Mirrors are an ideal option if you’re on a budget, and they’re tons of options regarding shape, border print and other aspects. Mirrors also reflect light, increasing the brightness of a poorly-lit space and reducing the need for having artificial lighting in the space.
2. Statement wall clocks
You don’t have to settle for a small, round-face functional clock for your space. These days, there are many options including paintings, carvings and other works of art onto which clocks have been mouthed. You can get anything from ornate to artistic or rustic or modern, and have that catchy centerpiece that your guests will go gaga over. Choose style, size and color according to the size of the space you have, and your personal inclinations.
3. Hollow spaces
A hollow space should ideally be incorporated as the wall is being constructed, and it can be made into any shape or size. You can then use the hollow space to place some hangings of significance e.g. artwork, family photographs, mirrors or clocks. You can also use it as a functional space e.g. as a bookshelf in the living room or bedroom or as crockery storage area in the kitchen. Hollow spaces can also be created in walls that are already built, but because they involve major transformational work, they may not be ideal for rental residential properties, unless you check with your landlord first.
4. Wall decals
Wall decals are custom stickers that can be placed onto the wall to create various shapes. Decals are currently in vogue and they can be artistically placed to create a focal point in the wall. They can be used alone or together with the above ideas. Place wall decals in your hallways to inject life into a long plain corridor, around mirrors and paintings. You can even create wall stickers of your family tree to add a personal touch to the idea.
5. Modular shelves
Modular shelves, or hanging shelves are not only beautiful and easy to install, they can add an elegant and stylistic touch to the wall. Modular shelves can be made from glass, plastic, wood and metal. You can place your rare artsy pieces and collectibles on them according to your decorative theme. They are easy to assemble and disassemble and can provide extra storage and display space if you need it.