It’s true. What you put out comes back to you. The universe works in wonderful ways, and one of them is listening to your thoughts and beliefs and making them become a reality. It is called the Law of Attraction (LoA) and it is real and powerful.


According to this law, we attract whatever we desire and expect. As we think about our life goals and our heart’s desires, we emit strong frequencies out to the universe, which is reflected back to us in the form of reality.


An easy, yet powerful tool to put the Law of Attraction in motion is a vision board or a dream board. You may think it is childish or silly, but they do work and many people swear by it. A vision board, in simple terms, is a creative collage of all your desires and goals, all that you wish to achieve some day.


How does a vision board work?


Vision boards work on the principle of visualization, an important element of LoA. When you visualize your goals, you attract them, and you have a higher chance of making them come true. In other words, visualization will attract events or opportunities to make your dreams a reality.


In fact, visualization is so powerful that it is almost similar to actually performing the action in real life. A study by psychologists revealed that brain activity patterns in a weightlifter lifting heavy weights are similar to when he/she is just visualizing the action of lifting the weight. Even Olympic athletes have been utilizing the power of visualization to enhance performance over the years.


There is science to back it all up too. The first point to note is that our brains are incredibly designed to prepare us for whatever action we decide to take. So when you visualize yourself already achieving your dreams, your brain picks it up and sends signals throughout your body to work toward that goal and prepare you for that dream which is soon to be a reality.


Vision boards are the ultimate tool for visualization. They are so powerful because instead of merely imagining it in your mind, your dreams are put down into tangible form. They are one step closer to becoming reality. You are reminded every day of the most important goals in your life, and this inspires you to work toward them.


How to create your own vision board in 5 easy steps


Creating a vision board is simple and fun. Here are 5 steps to follow to make your own dream board and transform your life for the better.


  1. Prioritize your goals

The first and most important step for making a dream board is that you decide what goes on the board. This means that you have to prioritize your goals. The board offers a limited space, so you have to choose those dreams and values that truly matter to you and the kind of person you wish to become.


Sit down and calm yourself. Think carefully with a clear mind, and write down the most important dreams and desires you have. They could be values you wish to cultivate, career goals, how to utilize your free time or related to health, lifestyle and relationships and family.


  1. Plan out your unique board

After you have decided which goals are the ones worth your time and energy, the next step is to plan out a design for your board. Remember that it is your own personal board, and you have the freedom to do whatever you like with it.


Some people choose to have one board for all their goals, while others prefer separate boards for different sets of goals. It is up to you to decide what kind you prefer.

Apart from images, you can also add quotes or affirmations that are motivating. You can even design a board to match your décor. You can make it as pretty and glittery as you like, or you can opt for a neat, minimalist look. All that matters is that the board reflects your dreams and aspirations in a way that you can relate to.


  1. Buy/find all supplies you will need

Make sure that you have all the stationery supplies you will need to create your board. You can get a poster board/cork board/ pin board from your local hardware store. Scissors, pencils, fun markers, pens, crayons, tape, glue, and pins are the basic items you will need. Apart from these, ribbons, feathers or any other kind of embellishments can also go on the board for a pretty and uplifting look.


Next, comes one of the most important steps – choosing images for your dream board. Keep in mind that you have to select specific, contextual images that clearly reflect your goals. This step helps you to personalize your board and send out a special, customized message to the universe.


You can use newspapers and magazine cut outs, actual photographs or print out pictures and quotes from the Internet.


  1. Set the mood and create

The next step is to get down to action and create your own, special vision board. It is important to understand that creating a vision board is a unique and sacred activity, for you are sending out messages to the universe about what you want from life.


So with a clear mind, work in a room with little to no distractions. Turn on some relaxing music and lights some scented candles to create a soothing and positive vibe. Praying or meditating before you start can also help. All that matters are that you are comfortable and in peace, while you are creating a tool that has the power to transform your life.


  1. Visualize every day

Once you are done making your vision board, all that is left is the easiest, yet the most powerful part – visualizing. Remember to place your board where you can see it every day. Ideal places are near your bed or your study, but this again totally depends on your preference.

Spend at least 10 minutes each day to carefully look at your board, remind yourself why you chose those pictures and visualize yourself already achieving all the dreams the images reflect.