For better or worse, we are no longer living in our grandparents’ world where it was okay to leave your doors unlocked all hours of the day. It’s quite simply a smart idea to maintain strong and secure locks on all of the entrances and exits of your house to keep yourself, your family and your possessions safe. We’ve outlined five scenarios below where you should definitely call in the professionals to rekey your home.

1. You Move Into A New Place

Even if you bought the house from the nicest people in the world, chances are they kept a key or two, and there’s no telling what will happen to them. They could easily end up in someone’s hands who knows the key’s history and has dubious motives. Take the time, money and energy necessary to change the locks, and know that the previous tenants won’t come slipping in one day.

If you rent or are in a place where you cannot make changes, talk to the landlord about what kind of things they would approve. Perhaps something like a new deadbolt or a replacement of rattly knobs is a possible and safe fix.

2. You Have A Break-In

No matter what type of break-in happens, get yourself a new set of locks and keys. This is a must if your key had been stolen and that is how the robber gained access to your home. However, it is also essential to go through this step if the burglar forced entry into your house, because they could have stolen a key in the process.

There is also a huge sense of violation when you experience a burglary and realize that a stranger has invaded your sacred personal space and gone through all of your things. This overall feeling of unsafety needs to be stomped out, and a wonderful way to take back some control is to change your home locks.

3. You Desire An Increased Level of Security

Perhaps some of the locks or fixtures are a little older than you would prefer and are starting to “give” a little. Maybe you’ve been alarmed by some of the news stories and just want to up the security level around the family property. Either way, there is a smart and efficient way to make this happen, and it doesn’t have to break the bank. Most locksmiths know how to stretch a budget while still delivering a solid and safe overhaul of all knobs and locks and have a lot of creative solutions.

4. You Have Changes In The Household

This can include a number of scenarios, and as the years go by, it’s easy to lose track of all the keys floating around. The kids lose theirs, and then they move out. There could be break-ups and make-ups with move-ins and move-outs. You may hire various cleaning, maintenance or yard crews who have access to your home, as well as house-sitters, dog walkers and plant waterers. It’s always wise to get a new set of locks and keys every few years if these situations apply to you.

5. You Lose Your Keys

This one is a no-brainer. The fact is, if you lose your keys, they can easily end up in anybody’s hands – and some people have lousy intentions. You just never know if someone spotted you dropping them and knows where you live, or you could have dropped them outside your front door and a passerby notices them. There are so many different scenarios, and it’s not worth the potential risk to simply replace your own key but neglect changing out the locks.

Calling in the Pros

If any of these occur in your household, now is the time to look into a good residential locksmith in your area. Many people try to DIY this seemingly easy task and end up with rattling, misaligned door knobs or locks on the wrong sides. Get the peace of mind that comes along with keeping your family safe, and do it on a budget you can afford.

The Bottom Line

There’s no reason to live in fear of a break-in or robbery any longer, because security is just a phone call away. For an affordable price, a licensed, certified, seasoned locksmith can get everything installed and then hand you your new keys, hassle-free.