Golden Dynasty Chinese Restaurant is the right spot if you’re looking for halal Chinese and desi food in Orlando Florida. Halal cuisine restaurants are uncommon outside of the Islamic world, and finding a trustworthy halal restaurant for a Muslim is quite difficult. When you live in a non-Muslim country, don’t worry; the Golden Dynasty is here to satisfy all your cravings. The restaurant is a fantastic spot to eat Chinese and desi food with the family, in a relaxing and welcoming environment. They make your dish using high-quality ingredients.

Golden Dynasty serves the most delectable Chinese cuisine. They have been in business for ten years and have earned a reputation as Orlando’s top halal Chinese restaurant. They have a variety of soups that are good for your health and well-being. Chinese and desi food in Orlando Florida is hard to find, which is why Golden Dynasty is in high demand.

Chinese cuisine is popular among not only Chinese but also international foodies. To give customers the best, they have recruited an outstanding chef to create Chinese cuisine at Golden Dynasty. They make use of a high-quality product. When cooking Chinese food, they use a lot of veggies and herbs.

Extensive Menu at Golden Dynasty:

Golden Dynasty has a mouthwatering menu. They offer a lot of variety in their menu. You would like to explore the tasteful items and all of them are halal. There are so many different options that there’s something for everyone. There is Chinese, desi food, barbeque, drinks, and dessert available on the menu.

They offer chef-recommended dishes and have weekend specials. A vast range of meals with a diversity of flavors to satisfy any palate Halal Restaurants uses only the best ingredients from the best manufacturers and suppliers. Golden Dynasty Chinese Restaurant is very environmentally friendly. They also use fresh veggies, which are healthier than other types of cuisine.

Mandarin shrimps, pepper chicken, mandarin fish, pepper fish, and pepper steak are some of their most delicious Chinese meals. They also have a selection of soups and noodles to choose from. Their cuisine has a wonderful scent that tempts their consumers to order again and again.

Rice options include chicken, beef, veggie, and egg. They have a wide selection of appetizers to satisfy your appetite. They provide you with a wide range of Pakistani and Indian meals to choose from. Butter chicken, vegetable curry, curry chicken, fish curry, nihari, chicken jalfrezi, chicken karahi, and more dishes are on the menu. All their gravies come with rice. They also have Chinese green tea, which is beneficial to weight loss. The food is always hot, fresh, has great portions and the price is on point.

Top 5 Chef recommended Chinese and Desi Foods at Golden Dynasty

Butter chicken

The butter chicken is just awesome and a famous desi food in Orlando Florida. The secret to a fantastic butter chicken, like many curries, lies in the gravy or, as it’s more generally called, sauce. When it comes to butter chicken, the liberal use of spices adds complexity and depth, onions and tomatoes provide sweetness, and butter and cream conclude the dish with a creamy, smooth texture.

The butter chicken is delicious. For a pleasing fragrance, they use additional desi ghee. When you take a mouthful, you’ll be transported back to your childhood. The quantity is more than enough and is very fulfilling.

Mandarin shrimps

The mandarin shrimps are a must-have. It is affordable and tasty. It is Fried shrimp, sweet and spicy sauce with onion and bell pepper. It is delicious and has full-size shrimp. It is chef recommended. It has its authentic taste and the shrimps are fully cooked and are delicious. The sauce they serve with it is flavorsome.

Mongolian Beef

The Mongolian beef is also one of the very best items on the menu. The Flank steak is finely cut and rapidly cooked, then served with onions and a sweet and flavorful sauce. Mongolian beef is incredible. the tastes and texture, as well as the perfect balance of spices and sweetness. The meat comes from a butcher’s unique cut. The whole meal has a smokiness to it that indicates the wok cook is a seasoned pro. The meat is consistently juicy and never overdone, and the flavor is constant.


The BBQ menu includes Chicken Boti Roll (Naan), Chicken Tikka (Leg), Bihari Kabab (Chicken), Reshmi Kabab, Tandoori Half, (Boneless cubes of the chicken breast), Kabab Roll Beef (Naan), Chicken Tikka Breast, Seekh Kabab Beef, Chapli Kabab Beef Bihari Roll Chicken (Naan), Chicken Tandoori.

When the aromas of BBQ filled the air, life is wonderful. The juiciness of the BBQ is to die for. It comes in a wide range of flavors, each with its distinct flavor profile. Everything reminds you of your home.

Chicken Chow Mein

It is mouthwatering and very affordable. It is Skinless and boneless chicken breast cut into bite-sized pieces. The chicken is juicy, well-coated, and flavorful. The chow mein includes a lot of noodles and isn’t just vegetables like many other eateries. People do not like to order chow mein and then find a higher veggie-to-noodle ratio. The noodles are the chow mein’s main ingredient.

The Golden Dynasty Chinese Restaurant offers you good quality food at eco-friendly prices. Their food quantity is beyond your imagination. Golden dynasty is the best place to go to eat Chinese and Desi food in Orlando Florida.

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