Any company, whether it’s a small or large, needs employees to function on a daily basis. And while the talent requirements for your business may keep changing as time passes, the actual knowledge of your employees are limited as they haven’t seen much scope for learning anything new. Therein lies the caveat, you need to introduce new segments in your business but in doing so, you’ll essentially hire more muscle take on those needs and these may make a significant dent in your pre-existing budget. So, in such cases, an employee assessment might be a good idea. But why did you need to perform an assessment at all?

Here are a few reasons:

  1. Talent Discovery: Employees can sometimes specialise in some other areas and a screening test for them will essentially help the company search for such talents within the organisation. This will save the company resources that they would have either spent on hiring new muscle. It will also help the employees because if the company discovers new talent, then they can be placed into higher paying positions.
  2. Helps in assessing the current skill level of the workforce: Companies need to monitor the efficiency figures of their employees every now and then. It helps them to ascertain the total new skill level of each worker. This can help the company to set up roadmaps in the future scenario’s and plan accordingly. This also helps the employees by gauging out exactly how much of their performance has been lost over the years. Example: An Airline may conduct aptitude tests for pilots so they can see if the pilot remembers the training and the flight protocols.
  3. Can be used to get rid of inefficient staff: Because screening tests provide the company with a score for each employee, it can be used to further examine them and remove them if necessary. This can help the company to discover areas of weakness and sort them out, thus improving overall efficiency.
  4. Training and Development: The screening tests can be used as a measure for determining what kind of training the employees must get in order to improve. Because this test also determines the weaknesses of any employee, the company can then give special training to those employees in order for them to improve upon their areas of weaknesses. Training also enables the employees to acquire new skills and gain new business communication skills which can be later put to good use.
  5. Employee Promotion: Internal assessments for employees also helps in determining suitable candidates for job promotion as it reveals which candidates are fit for the promotional posts. This can also be used for adjusting salaries for existing employees.

Any company that decides on a screening test might do so by hiring a 3rd party assessment agency. The screening process laborious and time consuming and it may not be in the company’s best interest to conduct the test themselves if time is a priority for them. These agencies are specialists in conducting tests and can significantly ease the burden of the company. They operate on company defined parameters and make sure that there are discrepancies or biasness while conducting the tests.