We all know that for optimum health and wellness, we need to consume a fair amount of fresh fruit and vegetable on a daily basis. This is not always easy to do. A convenient, tasty and super simple way to do this is to drink delicious, freshly juiced blends. Just to clarify, I am not talking about commercial fruit juice but home blended juice made with fresh ingredients. You can really be creative with different combinations of whatever fresh fruits and vegetables are available at the time.

Smoothies and fresh fruit juices have become extremely popular in recent times and for good reason. So much of the food and drinks we get these days are processed to such an extent that there is little to no nutritional value in them. Freshly prepared juices are guaranteed to give you the vitamins, minerals and goodness your body needs for good health.

For an even better natural experience, you should consider cold press juicers like the ones you can get from MasticatingJuicerExpert.com, which will avoid oxidizing precious vitamins, nutrients, and enzymes in a wide range of ingredients, including wheatgrass and leafy greens.

Let us take a look at my top 5 reasons why you should drink fruit juice daily.

Get Your Daily Dose of Fruits and Vegetables

It is not always easy to get the required amount fresh fruit and vegetables every day. Sure supplements are available and they can help, but a cocktail of tablets each morning can never replace the benefits found in nutritious food.

Fresh blended juices are easy and fun to make with whatever fresh produce is available. Bottom line is, juicing will make it easier to consume more beneficial fruits and vegetables.

It is fun, easy to do and there are literally thousands of combinations you can whip up that are not only amazingly good for you but delicious and refreshing at the same time.

Juiced Foods Are Easier to Digest

Digestion puts a strain on our body and it has to be selective in its efforts. When you liquidize the fruit and vegetables you can absorb the vital nutrients much more effectively.

The majority of people do not chew their food correctly which leads to indigestion, amongst other things. Juiced fruit eliminates the need for this so the food is ready to be digested and absorbed immediately.

Fresh Juice Will Give You More Energy

The instantly absorbed vitamins and minerals in freshly prepared juices will give you an immediate energy boost. Sugary or caffeinated drinks only give the illusion of energy. Anything they do provide is very short term and often results in a crash down the line.

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Fresh Juice Detoxifies the Body

Detoxing has become very popular lately. It gets rid of toxins and aids the body in absorbing and storing new nutrients.  It will ease your liver and kidneys and improve overall health.

Fruit Juice Will Help You Sleep Better

Sleep is one of the key elements necessary for good health and many people have difficulty sleeping. Certain juices can aid in giving you a good night’s sleep. Try juice containing tomatoes, oranges, bananas or cherries. They contain melatonin, a naturally occurring hormone that makes you tired and helps you sleep.

Your routine and sleeping environment are also important but the right fruit juice blends can certainly help.

The list goes on and there are many, many more good reasons to drink fresh fruit juice every day. It is a delicious way to hydrate yourself while taking in all the necessary nutrients your body needs. Experiment and come up with your own personal favourite blends. If you are not already, you will soon be hooked on fresh juice and getting healthier by the day.