Nitrile is a synthetic latex material that is a popular choice for disposable gloves. Disposable gloves are some of the most important medical supplies that are used by doctors, nurses, medical practitioners, lab technicians, and even housekeeping staff. The constant use of these gloves protects the user from contracting an infection from a patient and then again keeps any form of contaminant, bacteria, or virus from being transferred from one patient to another. It is also an important medical supply for use during a surgery, handling body fluids, and cleaning a clinic or hospital. Using disposable gloves are an important part of health and hygiene operation protocols all over the world.

What are the other options?

Latex, vinyl, and nitrile are the three commonly used material when it comes to medical grade disposable gloves. Latex is a natural sap like fluid that is found in a number of plants. Historically, latex gloves have been the most popular choice for gloves and other disposable supplies. During World War I and II, however, there was an acute shortage of natural rubber. This led Russian scientists to come up with synthetic alternatives. The use of Nitrile started to become popular. Vinyl is a more recent development and is not popularly used as “medical quality”. It is much preferred by the food industry but not used much by the medical professionals.

Why is Nitrile the right choice?

  • Let us first take a look at the advantages of nitrile gloves over vinyl gloves. Vinyl gloves are loose fitting gloves that are best suited for short term use and low risk work involving non-hazardous (contaminant free) material. This is because they can tear easily. This makes them better suited for the food industry rather than for use by medical professionals. Though not very durable, these are very inexpensive.
  • The medical industry used to largely favour latex gloves. This material suffers from one serious drawback, though. Latex is a natural rubber and can cause an allergic reaction both in the user and in the patient. Latex allergy is, in fact, quite common and about 3 million people in the US suffer from this. This makes it difficult for healthcare personnel with latex allergies to function optimally. Nitrile does not cause an allergic reaction making it very popular.
  • High quality nitrile gloves such as matig gloves are extremely popular because they offer excellent protection and are highly puncture resistant. It is the best choice for work in a high-risk environment such as a hospital. They also offer great protection from water and liquid seepage making them perfect for lab work.
  • Nitrile gloves have one great advantage over latex gloves that have made the former a favourite with doctors. Nitrile gloves offer a great deal of tactile sensitivity. This means that if you are examining a patient or performing surgery, your touch sensitivity remains greatly unaltered. This is why it is much preferred by all doctors, and by surgeons in particular.
  • Nitrile gloves are tough and durable. This makes them best suited for work under harsh and tough conditions. These make for reliable medical supplies when a surgeon is operating or a doctor examining a patient. Despite the extensive use in these times, nitrile gloves are not prone to damage.
  • Nitrile gloves are very versatile. They are great for use in industries, by law enforcement, firefighters, and a number of other public and private services.

Ordering supplies

High quality nitrile gloves are about the most important supplies necessary for the smooth functioning of a medical centre, clinic, hospital, or laboratory. It is important that supplies such as these are ordered from reputed medical supplies stockists or websites such as Smart Medical Buyer. These days buying supplies and medical equipment online has become quite easy and effortless. It is best to order the best quality nitrile gloves available.