The very old and prevailing theory that people behold regarding health insurance policies is that it is not needed for those who lead a healthy lifestyle. Insurance experts keep stressing the importance of it just to ensure that it impacts the listeners. A health-crisis is an unforeseen and inevitable misfortune that can arise anytime to anybody without any knock on the door. The year 2020 is the proof of the same. The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the entire world bringing the economies into recession. The disease is affecting almost everyone in its reach regardless of age, habits or economic background. Health insurances are extremely helpful in times like this to give the financial backup for expensive medical treatments.

Making up the mind for buying insurance is not as difficult as finding the most appropriate and beneficial one. One is more likely to make wrong decisions if he does not have sufficient knowledge about the market. So it is best to Compare health insurance With Turtlmint to find the best plan available. The company handpicks the most profitable plans and presents it on one dashboard for a crystal clear view.


Rising medical expenses is a point of concern for everyone across the world.

The necessity of Health Insurance In 2020

Although one should not wait for a medical crisis to arise for buying health insurance, it is always better late than never. After all, facing trouble in availing proper treatment due to lack of money is not a desirable thought. With no permanent and proven diagnosis for some new diseases in their starting form, one cannot hope to calculate the expenses beforehand. It is important to compare health insurance to understand how efficient a plan is in covering all the expenses.

The world governments are already into a fight together against the pandemic, trying to eliminate the spread of this virus as quickly as possible. India is also struggling to get a hold of mass spread for which the government imposed national lockdown. This has created loss of work and income to millions of people as the economic activities were put on hold. In this situation, financing a medical treatment can be extremely difficult. So buying decent health insurance becomes the need of the hour in 2020 as we cannot assume what the future will unfold.

Reasons To Buy A Health Insurance

There is a bucket full of reasons to compare health insurance and select the best available plan.

Secure Precious Savings

Savings are the fruit of hard work we put in every day to earn a livelihood. No matter how small or the big the amount is, we save for financing our desires. A medical emergency in the family can burn out all the money in the bank accounts and it still might not be sufficient for the purpose. Insurance companies provide aid during such inevitable situations. However, buy and compare health insurance through a reliable source for reaping the most benefits.

Financial Protection

No person is ever that rich to pay for the ever-rising and expensive medical treatments in the best hospitals. This also becomes an impossible thing for mediocre families who have a limited source of income. Paying health insurance premiums every month is a better way of securing money for such purposes rather than taking loans after the crisis hits.

Compensation For Rising Medical Costs

The health infrastructure of every country took a big hit during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Doctors and medical workers are working restless hours to serve the patients yet the struggle is quite difficult. In this situation, the best hospitals are charging quite a fortune for treatment as the limited number of beds is creating a huge demand. Insurance companies are there to compensate for these expenses. One should compare health insurance plans for ensuring excellent benefits.

Avail Tax Benefit

Under Section 80D of Income Tax Act, 1961, the health insurance premiums paid by the taxpayers are exempted from the annual income tax payment. So, it can be claimed that health insurances serve dual financial benefits. It not only provides financial cover during medical emergencies but also helps in saving some money from the tax.

A Reliable Retirement Cover

After retirement, one cannot assume when the need for medical treatment will arise. Health insurances are for helping one with financial backup during the retirement period. One neither needs to depend on anyone else for money nor use all the savings done for financing the retirement plans. Compare health insurance before reaching that period to ensure a well-financed medical treatment in the future.

It is in human nature that we tend to neglect the preparation for the worst times until it is too late. Losing out on treatment options just because the savings fall short of the need can be a nightmare. The only possible way to avoid it is by creating a backup by selecting the right website to compare health insurance plans. Visit the site and find out the insurance cover with suitable perks at affordable premiums.