Dubbed mommy makeovers or mom jobs, plastic surgery after pregnancy seems to be the in thing nowadays, and for good reasons. Have you ever noticed that celebrity moms in magazines and on TV always get back miraculously to their pre-pregnancy bodies and weight? Reason? They go for plastic surgeries to return everything to normal.

Pregnancy comes with many internal and external changes to women’s bodies. While some women may maintain their body structures after delivery, a good number of them may not look as good as they were before pregnancy. If you are in this latter category, then plastic surgery can be your best option.

Here are five compelling reasons you may need plastic surgery after pregnancy.

1. To Restore The Shape Of Your Breasts

It is obvious that after delivery, your breasts will become tender and sagged. Your breasts will continue losing their original shapes as you breastfeed your child. So you need to plan early for a breast enhancement procedure after you are done breastfeeding your baby.

You need not be in a hurry because you must consider the wellbeing of your kid. The changes on your breast will continue up to the time you’ll stop breastfeeding. But even after you stop breastfeeding, you need to give your breast tissues time to stabilize before you can go for enhancement. This can take up to six months.

If you decide not to breastfeed after delivery, then your breast tissues can stabilize between 3 – 6 months after delivery. Your plastic surgeon should advise you on the best time to go for breast enhancement.

2. Abdomen

Just like your breasts, your abdomen will also lose its shape during and after pregnancy. Changes will continue occurring in the fat and skin of your abdomen, even after six months from the day of your delivery. Your abdominal wall will not be spared either.

Undergoing a tummy tuck or liposuction at six months after delivery is considered premature. Remember, your abdomen skin stretched for nine months during your pregnancy. It may take your abdomen up to 12 months to recover from the effects of pregnancy.

It can take longer if you’ve had multiple pregnancies that take place close to one another. So, when you’ve decided to go for plastic surgery, let your surgeon assess your situation and advise accordingly.

3. To Reduce Love Handles

Hormones play a big role in your body before, during, and after your pregnancy. Fluctuating hormones can affect fat gain and fat loss. This may also happen even if you are not pregnant. Just imagine how your body usually changes during your periods.

These hormonal fluctuations are more pronounced during and after pregnancy. On top of that, some hormonal shifts will also occur as you breastfeed. All these changes can manifest themselves in different parts of your body. You may develop love handles, and even your chins can get affected.

It may take more than 12 months for hormones to stabilize after your pregnancy. However, you can go for liposuction before the end of the 12 months. You can also go for a chin implant in Toronto to bring your chins back to good shape.

4. Disfigurement-Causing Injuries

If during your pregnancy or delivery, you suffered some injuries that disfigured any part of your body, you may need plastic surgery to correct them ad restore your natural appearance. Plastic surgery can also help you correct any sagging, wrinkles, or lines on your body.

If pregnancy affects your looks, it’s better to use plastic surgery to restore your beautiful look. With an attractive look, your self-esteem and confidence will also be restored. There are many options for aesthetic rejuvenation and enhancement. Ensure you discuss the best option with your surgeon.