Being a parent is a full-time job and a job that you probably love to do the most but are often faced with situations you find yourself helpless with. Your kid while growing will have a lot of needs which you need to fulfil and one of that is keeping up with their physical activity sessions. With growing emphasis on phones and internet, it has already become pretty difficult to find things that might interest the children and make them participate in physical activities rather than spending hours on YouTube. Enrolling your kids in a bowling league can be the perfect solution to these problems and here are a few reasons as to why exactly!

  1. Everyone Gets an Equal Chance

The usual problem that a kid faces while playing a sport is the fear of being left out or actually being left out. The reason could be probably because he is younger than the others in the group and hasn’t yet acquired the skills to play forward in football or get to bat every time while playing cricket. This isn’t the case with bowling and anybody who is out there in a bowling league has their own chance and is placed equally to everyone. Nobody gets less or more chances and more importantly, nobody has to sit out and the game can continue with everyone playing along together at the same time.

  1. Expand Social Network

This might sound like a fresh MBA graduate out in the market trying to expand his social and professional horizons to be able to succeed. It is not an overrated analogy when it comes to kids trying to make new friends. It is important that your kids have friends and a healthy social life to bring them up in the best possible ways. Enrolling them in a bowling league will allow them to meet new people and as they play along with them a few games, they are bound to eventually become friends.

  1. It Will Distract Them From Internet

In today’s world, even a one-year-old can technically unlock a phone and start watching his favourite cartoon on the internet. It is no surprise that they get addicted to this and it then becomes really difficult to get them to do anything else. Bowling, being the fun activity, it is will act as a distraction from smartphones and allow kids to engage in such physical activities. This will not only keep the phone away but also develop better motor and sensory skills that are essential during a kid’s development stage.

  1. Safer Physical Activity

There could be times when you would avoid your kid from going out during the summer under the hot sun to avoid a sunstroke or in the winters to avoid the freezing chilly winds, that is when bowling will prove to be the best option. It will ensure your kid is engaged in a healthy physical activity with very few risks involved. You can also watch them knock down all the skittles at once and Feel Like Strike. It is not a very high-intensity sport either so will keep the wearing and tearing of the body to a minimal.

  1. Spirit Of Teamwork Arises

If you thought only baseball and basketball were team sports you were wrong for bowling promotes as much spirit of teamwork as any other sport would. It will pave way for understanding and playing together towards “Our Victory” and not just “My Victory”. Bowling is also known to increase concentration which most kids seem to lack nowadays with the growing use of smartphones and reduced physical activity. Bowling will help bring that back on track as well.

These are just way too good enough reasons to not enrol your kid in a bowling league for the upcoming vacations. It is a pretty good respite from the burden of home works and assignments they are loaded with on a regular basis. This will provide the much-required load shed.