Admit it—every appliance that is automated makes life easier and all the more fun to carry out chores. Think of our forefathers bent down scrubbing away dirt and grime, spending hours on end to accomplish what these gizmos achieve in less than half the time, and you will get the idea of how far we have come in the terms of technology.

The unmistakable surge of power allows us to finish work in a jiffy and move on effortlessly without backbreaking effort. Some of the most popular power appliances that are God sent are as under:

  1. Washing Our Woes Away with Machines

Before these wonders were invented, laundry involved boiling, scrubbing, wringing and rinsing manually. It is no wonder that an entire day was set aside for doing the laundry! But with the invention of the washing machine housekeepers breathed a sigh of relief. Most steps were automated and didn’t require manual labour like transferring gallons of water to the tub. Gradually, washers took over most kitchens and washing tubs became a thing of the past.

Washing machines come in many models and capacities, semi and fully automatic, top loader and side loader and what-have-you. They come in different price ranges to suit every pocket and with every household owning one, these machines are here to stay.

  1. Conditioned for Comfort

Man’s quest for luxury comfort saw the invention of air conditioners. At first, ice was collected and stored for use in the summer in the 17th century. Resourceful Egyptians hung moist reeds in windows to allow evaporation to cool the air. Slowly fans took the place of rudimentary apparatus and in the 19th century, electro-mechanics took over. Air conditioners allow us to adjust the temperature of a room to our comfort and liking and are the reason why many couples quarrel to reach a common ground as to which temperature should be set! Jokes apart, they allow for long journeys in cars and help us sail through blistering summer months without breaking a sweat.

  1. More Power to Washers

Imagine having to scrub that stubborn spot of paint of dirt off a surface with brushes and assorted tools carrying a pail of water while the rest of your friends huddle by the pool with their drinks.  Next imagine a magic wand in your hand that allows you to aim at the stain and voila, all gone in a moment! This is what a power washer allows you to do. This electrical appliance uses pressurised water to hose down any dirt or grime off any surface using different nozzles that create a jet. Goodbye backaches, hello shiny sidewalk! Since this washer uses force, use the power Wash Wisely to avoid injuries.

  1. A Dishy Machine

No more fighting as to whose turn it is to do the dishes. Dishwashers are fast gaining popularity around the world where domestic help is becoming a problem. All one needs to do is load the machine, shut it and let the machine do its job. They not only save time but also sanitise dishes and cut down the risk of illness from germs and bacteria.

  1. Filling the vacuum

Almost every household has one. Everyone knows how to operate one too. Apart from the viral YouTube video showing a father making his daughter’s hair, vacuum cleaners clean almost any surface. Just wave your magic wand over the area and presto, the dirt is gone. It goes without saying that the market is flooded with different varieties of vacuums and robovacs (robotic vacuum cleaners) and as easy as it is to sparkle your home, making a choice is difficult.

So there you are. A short list of appliances that have made our lives simpler and better. While some may gripe about paying the price for technological advancement, one should in all likelihood agree that the abovementioned gizmos do not warrant any bad press. Follow safety instructions, and seek professional help when and if the needed, and there your house will sparkle and shine.