Parties are fun, but they can be chaotic at times. And when hosting a party, the burden of emergencies and cleaning up will fall to you. It is best to always prepare the essentials for any kind of party, especially if hosting one. Here are five party essentials that are surprisingly useful for any kind of party.

Flashlights or Emergency Lights

Typically, parties become lively when there are lights and music around the venue. However, what if the electricity in your place is unstable and often fluctuates? What if there is an unannounced power outage? Well then, the party must go on. It’s because of these power-related emergencies that flashlights (battery-operated or rechargeable) must be kept on hand. Emergency lights that are bigger and brighter can also aid your party in case of a power outage. Your party may be a little bit darker now, but at least you can have a more intimate feel with a few bright lights on.

Bluetooth Speakers

It’s unavoidable that guests might flock over the electricity outlets to charge their phones and other gadgets. This is why it is better to have the music flow out of bluetooth speakers. You don’t need a lot of wires just to get the music booming all over the party venue. You just need charged bluetooth speakers with a sound that can reach everybody across the room. Some bluetooth speakers also have colorful lights that change every now and then according to the sound played. This kind of speakers is more convenient and brings out the vibrant party mood.

Charging Station

As mentioned previously, a lot of guests might need to recharge their precious gadgets. It’s best to assign an electrical outlet or extension wire for a charging station. This way, guests can easily retrieve or check their gadgets whenever they want to. Nobody would have to ask the question “Where is my phone?” or have a mini heart attack when they forget where they placed their gadgets for charging.

Rubbish Bags

Rubbish bags will always come in handy whether they are small or big. It’s likely that guests will drop trash anywhere they perceive to be convenient. It’s best to put up garbage cans or bags in certain places of the party venue so the guests can be guided to throw their litter in the right place. Also, rubbish bags can come in handy for guests who smoke and throw their cigarette butts wherever they please.  

Hangover Pills

Do you have guests who have a propensity to get heavily drunk at a party? A first-aid kit for parties can help, especially those with medical supplies and medication for those who drink alcohol heavily. When people are intoxicated, they might not be able to take care of themselves properly especially when the party subsides.

Before the party officially starts, try to talk to your guests about taking hangover pills, like the RU 21 hangover pills, ahead to combat the challenges brought about by a hangover. The hangover pill is a nutritional supplement meant to give heavy drinkers relief, and it should be taken together with alcohol. The hangover pill allows one to handle alcoholic drinks so the effects of a bad hangover the next day can be avoided.

Prepare these party essentials ahead of time, and you will surely have no trouble hosting a party. While you might not have control over your guests’ behavior and activities, you have the power to mitigate any damages caused by them. Enjoy and have a better party experience!