When you own property, there are certain things that keep every householder awake at night. There are strange noises in the pipes, and the boiler’s making that weird noise again! We worry about the structural quality of the house, and we pray that nothing breaks until your next paycheck comes in! There are so many benefits to buying a house, not least the financial benefits of getting on the property ladder. However, it comes with the responsibility of fixing any problems that rear their ugly head. With that in mind, here are the emergency numbers you need on speed-dial. Just in case!

  1. Plumber – Plumbing issues are among the most common types of problem in the home. And, we must say, we strongly suggest calling the experts if anything goes wrong. When it comes to plumbing, it’s not the time to summon your inner DIY power! Get it wrong, and you’ll cause a lot of additional damage. Everything from your boiler to clearing your clogged toilet requires the attention of the experts. Trust us, it’s not worth doing yourself. If you cause a small flood, you’ll pay a whole lot more to repair it.
  2. Roofer – Problems in the roof scare homeowners more than anything else. The roof over your head is supposed to provide comfort and reliability! But, our roofs take a beating over the years. They weather the storms, and keep the house protected. Unfortunately, they do inevitably begin to wear down. Tiles will slip out of place. The cement will fall away, leaving gaps and insecurities. If you spot any signs of trouble, call your local roofer immediately. Small issues will quickly morph into much larger problems otherwise.
  3. Electrician – We’ve all had those nights where the power cuts out, and you’re left in the dark. There’s nothing left to do but get the candles out and play cards! When the electricity cuts out, you suddenly find yourself stranded. There’s no light, no internet, and no way to cook. You need a reliable electrician on the other end of the phone! It’s one of the most common issues in the home. But, when it comes to electricity, you certainly shouldn’t attempt any DIY repairs yourself. There is a very real threat of electrocution, and you risk affecting other parts of the circuit.
  4. Air conditioning repair – We don’t know about you, but one summer night without air conditioning is unbearable! HVAC units and air conditioning systems require regular care and maintenance. In fact, their filters need changing every few months, and regular inspections are advised. Make sure you keep your air conditioning repair team on speed dial and keep it up to date. If it does cut out completely, you know who to call.
  5. Car breakdown service – Our last point isn’t directly related to the house, but it’s still essential. Most homeowners also have a car. And that needs backup in case you suffer a breakdown! Register with the RAC or the AA, and make sure you’re covered if the worst happens.

You can never predict when things will go wrong. But you can bet it’s at an inconvenient moment! When that time comes, make sure you’re prepared, and have the right number on speed dial.