When you move from one home to a new one, you can start on a brand new page. It doesn’t matter if you are specifically looking for a fresh start or not; a new place to relax and lay your head is the perfect chance to redefine your life and start healthy habits. The main reason for this is that you are in a new environment. One where you have no association or triggers that will set you back into your old ways. So long as you are dedicated and work hard on improving your habits, you can make this home your perfect fresh start. Somewhere you can make all the right associations, and you can take control of your life in ways you never thought were possible. To help you achieve this, all you need to do is follow these five tips:

Adopt The Core Principles of Minimalism

What most people don’t realize when they hear the word “minimalism” is that it does not mean you have to live a utilitarian lifestyle. All it means, at its core, is that you place greater value on what you own. Living minimally means appreciating what you have, making what you have work, and putting greater emphasis on what you buy. For instance, buying a new dress that looks similar to the one you already own, just because it’s on sale, is not a good purchase. This dress will not add anything new to your wardrobe or to your look; it will just take up space in your closet. On the other hand, if you wait until you find the perfect piece that compliments your existing wardrobe and is unlike anything else you own, then you know that it is a sound investment. Generally speaking, the best way to determine whether you actually want something or not is to leave it, and only buy it if you go through the effort to return.

Smart Design from the Start

The design of your home can help you live your best life. While the specific design principles are up to your personal taste, functional design choices like adding seamless storage into closets can help improve how you live, no matter your sense of style. Functional design is choices that help you live comfortably and to enjoy your design without things like your belongings getting in the way. The better organized your home, the better you can live within it.

Adding Light

Health-wise, however, there are a few common characteristics every home should have. These are light and air quality. Light and sunlight are critical to our health for several reasons. Sunlight to start with helps our bodies produce vitamin D. With many individuals suffering from a vitamin D deficiency; this increased light can help your health get back on track as needed. The other way light impacts your health is by affecting your circadian rhythm, or your sleep cycles. We are designed to be active during the day and to go to sleep at night, however with the invention of electricity and electronics we have also introduced a way to interrupt our natural cycles, as they mimic the blue-white light of day.

Natural light and nighttime settings is a great way to counter this. By using light colors, mirrors, and sheer curtains instead of pulling thicker curtains closed, you can harness the power of light to help you wake up and be more active throughout the day.

Adding Fresh Air

Urban areas have notoriously poorer air quality than their suburban or rural counterparts. Regardless of where you live, however, you should do your best to improve the air quality in your home. Bring in plants and flowers into your home to update the design and air quality significantly. Plants compliment any design and offer so many health benefits that you are sure to be more productive and healthier in this home than you were in your last.

Creating an Outdoor Oasis

If you truly want to benefit your mental and physical health, you will have to take your design efforts into the great outdoors. Spending time amongst nature is important to our bodies, and can help us relax and be more productive at whatever we do. Before you can worry about landscaping, however, you first need to ensure your yard is prepped and ready by hiring professional lawn care services Brooksville. Your lawn is your first connection with nature. From there you can add planters and flowers, or even hire a gardener to plant trees and bushes for year-round benefits.

Your new home is the time to start good habits. To support those habits, however, you need to ensure the design and health of your home are working with you, not against you. Make your home your support your new lifestyle habits, and you’ll be better able to succeed.