You don’t have to spend a fortune on good looking and healthy skin.  There are small changes and methods you can implement to achieve a great, youthful, and blemish-free look.  Even if you do use skincare products to get the complexion you want, you must utilize these methods to maintain it, because your skin’s health is a reflection of your diet, lifestyle, and how well you practice self-care.  Your dermatologist can also help guide you in getting beautiful skin.

Drink Plenty of Water

There is no doubt that your local skin care doctor has told you to drink plenty of water in order to have glowing and healthy skin, and it’s very true.  By keeping hydrating, you are ensuring that your bodily processes are functioning to their best efforts by giving them water, an essential ingredient for your system.  Not only that, but you are also promoting your skin cells’ ability to retain water and moisture, two factors that keep them healthy and full.

A hydrated skin cell will be visibly noticeable, giving you a youthful look without signs of aging.  In order to keep yourself hydrated to maintain great skin health, drink about eight glasses of water everyday.  Of course, you will need more than this if you are exercising or outside in the heat.

Practice Yoga for Face Glow

Certain yoga poses can be immensely helpful in achieving glowing, healthy skin.  Yoga is exercise, and with exercise, comes healthy circulation throughout our body.  This is why so many yoga poses can be designed and altered for specific health concerns, skin included.  Yoga is one part meditation for the mind and spirit, and another part exercise for the body, all of which can be extremely good for the skin.

For many people who engage in yoga, it is a practice that is soothing for the mind as it is for the body.  Certain positions can increase blood flow and stretch muscles, and by doing so, skin cells are encouraged to heal, repair, and regenerate.  Collagen production is reset to be back on track, meaning plumper skin cells, less scarring, and a more youthful look.

Engage in Activities That Relieve Stress

Stress shows—no matter how much we want to admit it.  With stress come dark circles beneath the eyes, a tired, exhausted look, and shallow, dehydrated skin.  Don’t let stress ruin your hard-earned complexion, and instead find your favorite activities you can engage in that help you subside the wear and tear of daily life.

Finding ways to blow off steam will not only make you happier in the long run, but also help you retain your glowing and beautiful skin.  Exercise is an excellent activity to relieve stress, and because it increases circulation, it is also beneficial for your skin, too.  Getting your blood pumping will plump skin cells and promote skin repair by healing them.

And if exercise isn’t your cup of tea, try actually enjoying a cup of tea.  The benefits of enjoying a nice spot of green tea can provide your body with skin-boosting antioxidants, and while you’re doing so, enjoy your favorite book.  De-stressing your mind will help subside worry lines from taking shape.

Meditate Everyday

Breathe in, and breathe out; an important mantra to remember in your stressful, hectic life.  Sometimes the chaos of our lifestyles can harden our skin, making us look strung-out and on edge with bags under our eyes, and acne breakouts.  Meditating is aids our bodies in minds in encouraging us to relax, and by doing this everyday, we can avoid constantly having our “worry lines” show.

Mediating also gives us a chance to calm down and reflect on our day.  High stress can impact our skin, and with meditation, we can channel our stress into this relaxing activity, setting it aside.  Mediation can be done anywhere and at anytime, so it is an easy activity for us to engage in, and if the advantage is maintaining our glowing skin, then there’s no reason we shouldn’t try it!

Eat Organic Foods

Your skin responds to the foods you eat, just like the rest of our body—internal organs, muscles, tissues, glands, and blood vessels. You are feeding a living machine that functions better if you feed it right, well, the same is true for your skin. Organic foods are a must for those of us who want skin that looks and feels healthier.

Organic foods are foods that are without harmful chemicals and pesticides, both of which can cause damage to your skin and to the rest of your body, which is why the movement to eat organic has only grown stronger over the last decade.  Eating organic foods like carrots, leafy greens, and avocados can have nourishing effects for your skin, more so than anything else.