Current conditions in the world have made many of us nervous. Whether you are working from home full time or trying to social distance as much as possible, many are feeling very cooped up and worried about their families and the future. To reduce the stress caused by this uncertainty, the five natural remedies listed below can help.

Calming Pressure

Many children can benefit from therapeutic pressure. This can be anything from a quiet but firm hug from a trusted adult to wrapping your child in a thick blanket or rug. To do this safely, make sure your child’s face is out and that you can hear what they say. If at any point your child gets uncomfortable, immediately remove the wrapping. The goal is to allow the child to encapsulate for a time to shut out agitating stimulation from the outside while they learn control from within, so try to do this in a quiet spot.


Anxious energy can be difficult to manage if you are cooped up for too long. Try to find a way to get outside when it is cool. Go for a walk, work in a garden or get your bike out and go for a ride. One of the big challenges for adults, particularly men, is simply admitting they’re anxious. Stigma about mental health concerns is a huge burden for adults in our society. Once you get outside and burn off some energy, you may find it easier to look at your anxiety, recognize it, and work to manage it so you’re not overwhelmed.

Put Pencil to Paper

There are many cultural influencers encouraging us to take this time of uncertainty and learn a new project or skill. This may not be possible for someone struggling with anxiety, and can be a further source of stress. Instead of focusing on self-improvement, focus on what you can control or what you enjoy. Children can enjoy time drawing or coloring. Try to prevent them from worrying about producing refrigerator-worthy art. Make suggestions about color or an image that relates to a happy memory. Then just let them go for it.

Adults can benefit from making a list of things they want to do. It should be noted, this list is not about goals, learning a new language or decluttering the house. This list can contain simple, ordinary projects that will make the rest of your day, and life, a little easier. When you finish the project, cross it off the list.


If you’re not always attentive to taking a daily multivitamin, now is the time to change that habit. This simple improvement in your daily routine can make a big change in your health, particularly as low levels of B Vitamins can increase your anxiety. If your stress levels are particularly high, consider a CBD supplement, such as cbd softgels 900mg, to help you wind down at the end of the day. Carefully review the supplier and producer of any CBD distributor to make sure you are getting good quality supplementation. It’s noted that many of these products are suitable for all ages. Discuss any dosage for your child with your pediatrician.

Daydream and Meditate

Everyone can benefit from deep breathing and an empty mind. For some of us, meditating just adds more stress, because you find you can’t empty your mind right now. If so, skip the meditation. Set a timer so you don’t have to look at the clock and just let your mind wander. Focus on a favorite piece of fiction and have a positive daydream. You may be in your head picking flowers, or you may be slaying dragons. Allow your mind to wander to a place where you’re

  • happy
  • in control, and
  • successful in your endeavors.

If this daydream leads to a restful nap, even better! Avoid thinking that you have to do meditation “right” to gain a benefit from it. Any habitual activity, such as walking or showering, can lead to an “aha” moment of insight. All you want to do is create a space for the lightbulb to go off.

All of this advice is to serve you when you and your loved ones are suffering from ordinary stress. If you find yourself at the edge of panic or facing a dangerous state of agitation, be ready to call a professional. We’re living in a situation very few of us have ever faced before. Seek help if you need it.