Natural healing methods, which were once shunned by members of the conventional medical community, have grown in popularity as Americans seek a way to free themselves from the overuse of pharmaceutical drugs. In fact, a recent survey of 18 entities that provide health insurance revealed that 14 of them provided coverage for some type of natural healing method.

The benefits of natural healing methods have been well-chronicled yet many individuals are still not aware of the benefits of adding these methods to their healthcare process.

The following is five simple yet effective natural healing methods that all individuals can incorporate into their routines.



This natural healing method makes use of essential oils to instigate healing in the body. The oils are most often inhaled but can also be rubbed into the skin and less often is imbibed by the user. These oils are created with extracts from the various parts of plants and each aroma is believed to perform a specific purpose.

Practitioners of aromatherapy use the technique to reduce inflammation, treat infections, and promote relaxation in patients. Studies performed by mainstream medical researchers suggest that aromatherapy has demonstrated the ability to reduce pain and depression and also relieves symptoms of anxiety.



This healing method is similar to acupuncture but does not make use of needles. Practitioners of acupressure use their hands, feet, and elbows to apply direct pressure to localized points along the “meridians” of the body.

Meridians, according to acupressure theory, are passageways in the body that allow for the travel of life energy. The belief is that sickness occurs within the body when one of these passageways becomes blocked or unbalanced. The intent of acupressure is to relieve these blockages so that the body can be restored to a state of wellness.

The research for this natural healing method is in its preliminary stages but studies have shown that acupressure has provided relief from nausea for chemo patients and reduced anxiety in patients that have surgeries scheduled.


Healing Clay

Indian healing clay is a bentonite clay that has many positive health benefits. This clay is effective due to its ability to expel metal toxins from the body and combat the pathogens the lead to various diseases.

In addition to ridding the body of toxins bentonite clay also possesses many vital nutrients such as iron, copper, potassium, magnesium, and copper.

A few of the documented benefit of using bentonite clay is wound healing, immune system support, weight loss, improved oral health and removal of fluoride from drinking water.

The clay can be applied to the skin or ingested to receive the many benefits derived from the use of bentonite clay.



This healing technique utilizes water to provide therapy and was used as long ago as 1700 B.C. The concept is that water is beneficial to the skin and is capable of treating a variety of conditions like acne, anxiety, and swelling.

Practitioners of Balneotherapy apply wraps and mudpacks to the skin to gain the positive benefits of water. Supports of this natural healing method boast of water’s ability to boost the immune system.



Naturopathic medicine relies on the power of nature to heal the body. Naturopathic practitioners possess a working knowledge of both conventional as well as alternative medicine and searches for an understanding of a patient’s condition by investigating the nature of its manifestation in the patient.

Naturopathy combines a variety of treatment options including nutrition, changes in behavior, the use of herbs and acupuncture. Studies have been difficult to design due to naturopathy usage of the many treatment techniques. However, one study that targeted naturopathic medicine’s effect on lower back pain proved positive.



Natural healing methods are proving their worth as viable alternatives to conventional medical treatments. The five healing techniques mentioned above are safe and effective methods that all individuals can utilize with little effort.