In the business world, success is judged on the number of services and products sold to the customers. That’s why business owners make contact with those companies that have the reputation of rendering immaculate telemarketing services.

Whenever we talk about telemarketing, terms like sales conversion rate, number of outbound calls, etc. come to the mind. Have you ever thought how telemarketing companies of Australia render phenomenal services? No, there is no rocket science behind it but a bunch of tools that play a vital role in making telemarketing campaign successful.

These tools are:

  1. Predictive dialler
  2. VMD (voice mail detection)
  3. Call recording
  4. Black list
  5. Recall rules

Let’s see how these tools help in getting better results via telemarketing.

1.    Predictive Dialler

Predictive dialler system is one of those tools that help to provide impeccable telemarketing services. Many reputed telemarketing companies of Australia rate this system high because it increases the productivity of telesales agents up to 40%.

The factor that draws the attention towards a predictive dialler system is it automatically searches for the best number to contact. This allows telesales agents to converse with prospects freely, which consequently, increases the chances of better results.

This system saves telemarketer’s precious time and keeps the manual dialling errors at bay. The significance of the predictive dialler system can’t be overlooked because it offers 40 to 50 minutes talk time per hour. On the other hand, manual dialling system ensures a mere 10 to 15 minutes talk time per hour.

2.    VMD (voice mail detection)

With the time, VMD (voice mail detection) has gained so much popularity. This is so because VMD saves telemarketer’s valuable time up to 50%.

Are you wondering how voice mail detection system saves telesales agent’s time?

Well, VMD has the ability to detect and disconnect those calls that are going to be redirected to the prospect’s voicemail system.

Apart from saving agent’s time or boosting productivity levels, VMD also reduces the telephone cost to a great extent, which, in turn, leads to improved business’s bottom line.

3.    Call Recording

Well, there are many reputed BPO firms in Australia that consider call recording as a helping hand. It is so because call recording plays a crucial in improving the quality of telemarketing services.

Here are top 3 factors that explain how call recording helps:

  • It helps to find out whether telemarketing scripts are reliable or not.
  • Call Recording lends a hand in providing better training to newbies.
  • It reveals the common questions that potential customers often ask to telemarketers during the interaction. This helps telesales agents to have an effective conversation with prospects, which, in turn, leads to better sales conversion rate.

4.    Black List

Another must-have telemarketing tool is ‘Black List.’ It is very important from the business’s point of view because the black list not only helps in getting better results but also prevents legal issues.

Are you thinking how black list keeps the legal issues at bay?

In order to get desired results in a jiffy, sometimes telemarketers place calls on numbers that are registered for DNC (Do not call) service. Calling on DNC registered numbers simply means a violation of TCPA policies, which, in turn, leads to legal issues that could result in an immense financial loss.

This is where the black list helps as it contains all the numbers that telemarketers aren’t allowed to call. With the help of the black list, telemarketers contact only those potential customers who haven’t availed the DNC service. Consequently, this leads to better results.

So, it is crystal clear that the black list saves telemarketing companies from financial penalties and boosts business’s productivity.

5.    Recall rules

To get satisfactory results via telemarketing, it is paramount to reach every potential customer. But sometimes telemarketers fail to do so because of a bad telecom network. This isn’t good for the business’s overall health.

Not contacting every prospect means you are not at your best. Here, recall rules come to rescue as these automatically make contact with those customers that telemarketers fail to reach earlier.

Recall can be made after some period of time such as 2 or 3 hours. Owing to pre-defined rules, recall cannot be made before 9 AM and after 8 PM. This means potential customers will only be contacted during the business hours (10 AM to 6 PM), which consequently, increases the chances of getting the desired engagement.