A deck is a great addition to your home, but you don’t have to stick to traditional ideas. You can mix and match different elements to create a look that’s distinctive and artistic. The number of options you can find with today’s products might surprise you. Here are some modern deck ideas you might love.


It’s possible to create a deck entirely out of metal if you wish, and paint it any way you want. Or you can add metal to the traditional wooden deck as accents. Stainless steel or cable railings, decorative wrought iron, brass accents, or ornate hardware can transform a deck. You might also think about putting up fence mesh around the rails, especially if you have small children that will be playing there.


Putting up an awning can give you the option of enjoying your deck even in the rain. You have many choices in style, size, and color. Find something that matches with the design and color of your home’s exterior. While there are awnings that can be withdrawn or extended by hand cranks, there are also motorized versions you can deploy or retract with a push of a button.


Most decks are built of pressure-treated wood as the cheapest option, but if it’s in your budget you might want to consider more expensive hardwoods that provide a unique, elegant experience. Consider something like redwood for the decking itself, or perhaps cedar for the rails. Exotics like mahogany or zebrawood can create a luxurious and visually rich deck. Visit a timber company like Barrenjoey Timber to discover some ideas you might never have thought of.

Wet Bar

If you plan on doing some entertaining on your deck, you might consider installing a wet bar scaled to your space. It’s up to you whether it’s fixed or moveable, and whether you buy or make one. Put some weather-resistant material like tile on top, or you can use moisture-resistant natural woods and keep it polished and covered when not in use. Some lockable storage space and a mini-fridge or ice chest should complete the effect. You can also make some room for some couches and tables for relaxing, or even a dining table.


That brings up the idea of wiring. If you don’t have an exterior outlet near your deck, have one installed. Better yet, have a dedicated line run to one or more outlets installed on the deck itself. This will give you the opportunity to enjoy modern technology right out in the fresh air, such as stereos, TV, computers, blenders, video games, or an electric fan on a hot day. If nothing else, it would be great to have some external lighting to facilitate any activities that you’ll be doing on your deck, or even in your backyard.

Be sure to check your local building codes before you spend the money. But it’s your deck, and should be something you can truly enjoy. If you can focus on the essentials for your deck, you’ll have a great place to enjoy for years to come. It may be important also to look into any extra insurance needed to cover your new deck.