Have you ever questioned the significance that your visa interview has in getting your Canadian visa approved? In this post, we will tell you how to improve your chances to obtain the visa for Canada immigration by learning the mistakes you should avoid during the interview. You should understand that behind every rejected visa there is a real reason. Therefore, you need to be aware of the things you must avoid during the Canadian visa interview.

Even though you can ask a professional Canada immigration consultant in Dubai for the same, continue reading to have an idea about the mistakes you should avoid while appearing in the visa interview:

1.     Unpunctuality

When your visa interview is fixed, the consulate or embassy will tell you the time and date of it. One of the bad impressions the interviewer creates about you is neglectful and incorrect candidates because of the lateness on the day of the appointment. Rather, try to reach the consulate or embassy at least a few minutes before the scheduled time of the interview. This will help you relax and calm yourself down while giving the answers to the interviewer.

2.     Inappropriate/irrelevant answers

It is yet another mistake take provokes the Canada visa officers to take your application for granted. If you are unable to predict what the visa interview questions are, then you cannot give well-thought-out and genuine answers. It is a fact that when you do not know the questions, the chances of giving unacceptable, goofy, or incomplete answers are higher. A licensed Canada immigration consultant in Dubai can help you prepare for the interview to give natural answers.

3.     Skipping questions or simply giving fake information in the answers

Whenever you apply for a Canadian visa, you must provide the authorities with the correct and accurate details. Besides, avoiding questions will also not help you at all. Also, giving false information may increase the chances of your application rejection. Rather, you should be direct and open with the Canadian visa officials whatever the question they ask. Just keep in mind that they will check your travel history to Canada. Hence, it is good, to be honest.

4.     Inappropriate appearance

The way you appear in the visa interview including the outfit, make-up, shoes, body posture, temperament, and even the amount of perfume matters a lot. Just keep one thing in mind – the first impression is the last. So, you will only have one chance to leave that first yet lasting impression. The visa officers will not consider you as a serious candidate if you dress informally or carelessly. Thus, it is good to wear properly ironed formal clothes, polished shoes, along with minimal accessories and makeup. Lastly, your body postures say a lot about your confidence. Sit confidently and properly as a face with uncertainty and fear can let the visa officials consider you as a dishonest and worthless candidate.

5.     Incomplete paperwork and documentation

It is one of the biggest reasons why your visa application got rejected by visa officials. You must have all the documents and papers to validate the information provided in the application form. If you fail to do so, the chances of your visa application rejection will also be increased. A good immigration consultant for Canada in Dubai can help you prepare the application and gather the documentation required as they will provide you with a checklist of documents needed for the process.

Summing Up!

There are many more things that can lead your Canada visa application to rejection. To learn more about the same, you will need to visit the official website of Canada or simply find a good and trusted Canada immigration consultant in Dubai for the right guidance.