Living in an apartment can have some difficulties, but it can also be a comfortable space for you to freshen up and call it home. The ability to make a room cozy, multifunctional, and visually appealing are the main challenges, especially for small apartment dwellers.

However, with these easy tips, it’s possible that you can turn your small studio into a welcoming place that everyone will love.

Define With Light and Color 

When your area looks larger, you will feel more at home in your small room. Hence, the first step to achieve this is to let ample light into your apartment to maximize your space as much as possible.

On the other hand, you can use muted tones, neutrals, and light colors to maximize your visual space. Further, try not to separate your rooms with colors. Instead, use unifying hues in your entire area, like a neutral and emphasize spaces with accent walls or using varying shades of the same color to make your apartment visually appealing as one large space.

Install Hidden and Vertical Storage 

In a small room, hidden and vertical storage can be one of your best options. For storing displaying decor, collectibles, and books utilize high-display storage, open shelving, and shelving over doorways throughout your apartment.

Hidden storage beneath beds, hanging accessory organization on the back of doors, and placing vertical storage in closets, can significantly maximize your storage potential. Furthermore, in clothing cabinets, hang shelving in dual tiers, and at alternating heights to get the most of your cabinet storage.

Less is More 

It’s true that small decoratives are cute, but they can only turn a small area feel cluttered. Hence, don’t overcrowd your place with massive furniture pieces. The fewer materials you have, the bigger your space will look and feel.

In essence, adopt the systems of a hotel room. Only keep the bare necessities, choose the pieces you love and keep the surfaces bare.

Purchase Storage Furniture 

If your space is limited, consider a bed with a trundle beneath since it lets you utilize the area that would otherwise have nothing but lost socks and dust.

Further, use boxes as decorative storage. They usually come in all sizes and shapes to match your design, and they are excellent for covering some necessary items. From TV remotes to baking supplies, these pieces of art can hold different kinds of practical objects.

Besides, try putting some boxes and bins underneath your existing beds and tables. If your bed is too low, you can purchase a bed lift to raise it up and put some of your things under it. Indeed, just a few inches can make extra space for containers and boxes.

Create Multifunction Workspaces  

Think about where you can spend time in your apartment, and mainly where you store your daily work and entertainment.

Consider similar tasks that you can do in the same setting, for example, your reading corner, work desk, and a computer station can all be at the same angle. More so, a bookcase can be an excellent way to divide a room, creating division while also offering valuable shelf space.

Also, consider non-traditional patterns. For example, if you don’t entertain, and don’t need a large desk, then you likely don’t need a standard dining room. Instead, a cafe-style table may free up some needed room or use folding boards if your friends will come over.

The Magic of Mirrors 

Mirrors can make your eyes think that you’re looking farther than you are. Hence, mirrors in various spots can repeatedly trick your eyes, making everything seem a bit larger.

One excellent place to do this is on the doors of your closet. Put a mirror on every cabinet door in your bedroom, and you’ll soon gain the illusion that your room is a bit bigger than it was before. Further, large bathroom mirrors and mirrors on bathroom doors can offer the same effect, adding a sense of openness.


Admittedly, searching for an apartment that matches your needs for location, space, and overall comfort can be tricky, but there are sites like that can help you find a perfect one.

If you are moving to a city apartment, innovation and room management is everything. To sum up, using those ideas above, you can ideally decorate your apartment and live with it comfortably.