Many people dream of travelling the world, and most of them have their own travel bucket lists. There are over 200 countries to explore and more cities to visit – each with a particular way of living. Seeing places in actual rather than just reading about them in books are completely different. There are certainly things that you cannot discover without interacting with the locals or figuring out places on your own. In this article, we will share five lessons that travelling will teach you that school never will.

1. The world is not a dangerous place.

World news reports tell the mass about crimes, violence, political turmoil, disasters, etc. All these stories make people feel somehow afraid to get to places across the globe as they are in fear to experience terrorist attacks in Iraq for instance and such hullabaloos. However, travellers who have been constantly going place say otherwise. In venturing towards the real core of the cities and towns in the world, you will meet the most heart-warming locals that will help you whenever you need it. They greet you in the street, offer driving directions, and give advice to foreigners. Once you step of your country’s borders, you will realize that the world is also a safe, wonderful and friendly place to live in.

2. You are more capable than you think.

While school bases your capability on academic grades and participation in extracurricular activities, travelling allows you to expand your horizons and think outside the box in the literal sense. While you are far from the comfort of home, you have no choice but to expose yourself and be “out there.” By talking to strangers and engaging with them, you might realize that you are not exactly a 100% introvert. Travelling is also a great character-builder. Your self-confidence will increase when you are pushed and your limits are tested.


3. There is no need to memorize thoughtlessly.

One student enrolled to undergraduate school in the Philippines shares that instead of memorizing the capitals of cities and knowing about their geographic locations on the map mindlessly, when travelling, even the smallest details will truly make a lasting impression. It’s undeniable that travelling will transform you to remember information without trying too hard.

4. You will know to appreciate the value of money more.

School teaches about the good practices of financing and budgeting. However, that lesson would not be enough unless you experience it first-hand. Traveling to multi-city locations is a good example where you can perform the skill of managing your own money and know the realities of life when it comes to finances. When you have a limited supply of money in a foreign land, you must set realistic budget and spend only if you really need to save more for tomorrow.

5. You will learn how to fall with grace.

Travelling comes with mishaps and ill adventures where you can learn to stay humble with your feet grounded. There is a lot that can fall out of your hands which you cannot control, and the challenge is how you can deal with the situation. This is a good opportunity to learn how to bounce back from failure or from the wrong path on the road. As part of growing up, coping with setbacks the right way is one of the best lessons that can be learned by yourself whether you are out of your state, city, or country.


There are really some things that you learn about outside the four corners of the classroom. Do not let anyone influence the way you think about travelling. Adventures and unforgettable memories are just out there, so be strong and courageous to decide where you head to next. Embrace the idea of travelling either with yourself as company, with our family, or with a group of friends. It’s not the same every time.