Breakfast is considered as the most important meal of the day. Eating a nutritious breakfast daily boosts our metabolism and keeps us energized for the day. But with such busy schedules, sometimes it gets difficult to prepare breakfast. In cases like these, kitchen appliances turn out to be useful as these simplify and quicken the process of making breakfast. Here are 5 must-have kitchen appliances you need to prepare a sumptuous breakfast within a few minutes.

1. Electric Kettle

Electric Kettle

How about saving some time and making kitchen-chores a speedy affair on busy mornings? Well! Singer Electric kettles do just that. Preparing tea on a gas stove, takes a good 10-15 minutes at least. On the other hand, portable electric kettles help make a refreshing cup of tea within a few seconds. The built-in heating element boils water within 30-40 seconds. That’s not all. Electric kettles are a great option to cook instant noodles and boil eggs within a few minutes. The auto-shut option helps save energy and helps you avoid situations when you forget switching off the current and the boiling water or milk gets spilled on the gas table.

2. Toaster/Sandwich maker

Many people keep waiting for their pans to heat up so that they can roast bread to make it crispy. Roasting sandwiches on a pan is an even difficult task as the filling is likely to get spilled all over the pan. So, why not use a Singer toaster or a sandwich maker to make lip-smacking cheesy toasts and sandwiches? While a toaster comes in handy when you want to grab a quick bite of crunchy bread, a sandwich-maker can be used to try out more elaborate sandwich recipes.

3. Food Processor

Whether for your daily dose of orange juice or to make idli mix at home, a food processor makes preparing breakfast and other meals a breeze. Time-consuming culinary activities such as chopping vegetables, making curry paste, shredding meat, making fruit-shakes and ice-creams at home etc. can be completed quickly with the help of a food processor. Check the components and learn their respective functions before you buying the same. For e.g. Singer food processors have different models designed according to various culinary needs.

4. Coffee-Maker

Coffee is the instant energy-booster for many of us. But, making coffee on a gas stove might not be that great an idea on a lazy Sunday morning. So, either because of being in a rush on a weekday or because you feel way too lethargic on weekends; buying a coffee-maker can help make your coffee better and quicker. Not just for you, a coffee-maker can help you make coffee for 4-6 people at one go; and that too with the right strength of flavor in each cup.

5. Hand-Blender

A comparatively cheaper yet equally useful kitchen appliance, a hand-blender is useful in giving the right texture to soups and smoothies. Whipping and whisking using spoons is not only time taking and messy, but can also cause a hand-ache. Hence, buying a hand-blender is worth investing to prepare wholesome meals in no time.

So, which kitchen appliances do you use to prepare the morning dose of nutrition?