Having a pool in your home is a great asset since it provides the perfect opportunity for you and your family to enjoy swimming and other fun water activities during summer. From pool parties to family get-togethers, there’s no doubt that everyone loves to have fun by the water. However, in order to keep enjoying the experience of having a pool, it is important for you to have a top quality pool cover which will serve numerous functions. Simply contact Just Pool Covers for amazing products at affordable prices. Here are the top benefits of having a pool cover:

  1. Improved cleanliness and hygiene

The first benefit that you will immediately enjoy from having a pool cover is that you’ll have no debris, dirt or leaves falling into the water. This improves the cleanliness of the pool and also reduces the amount of time and energy spent on cleaning the pool.

A pool cover also prevents insects or small animals from crawling into the water. This is especially important if you have an outdoor pool in an area with a lot of vegetation or wildlife.

Growth of algae is another major hygiene problem that many pool owners face. Luckily for you, a top notch pool cover will help to inhibit algae growth.

  1. Reduces the rate of evaporation during summer

During the hot season, evaporation of water from your pool can be a huge challenge, especially if you are living in an area with high temperatures throughout the day and night. By getting a pool cover, you will be able to reduce the rate of evaporation by up to 95%, thereby saving on water bills.

  1. Preserves heat during winter

During the winter months when temperatures are low, a pool cover will help to preserve the heat within your pool. This prevents a situation where your pool turns into a frozen lake owing to the extreme temperatures. This also extends your swim season, especially if you have a pool heater.

  1. Saves time and money spent on maintenance

Without a pool cover, proper maintenance of a pool can be a very time-consuming and expensive procedure. This is because the accumulation of dirt, debris and leaves requires you to manually fetch foreign objects from the pool and in addition, you will be required to use a substantial amount of chemicals in order to sanitize the water. However, with a pool cover, you will spend less time and money on maintenance.

  1. Improved safety for you and your family

According to US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 10 people die daily from unintentional drowning. Out of these, two are children aged 14 years or younger. In addition, drowning ranks as the fifth leading cause of unintentional death in the US. Having a pool cover reduces the risk of drowning for you and your family, especially if you have young toddlers or pets.

Crawling infants or toddlers can easily wander away and accidentally fall into the pool. Such a tragedy can easily be avoided by installing a high-quality pool cover.However, in order to keep enjoying the experience of having a pool, it is important for you to have a top quality pool cover which will serve numerous functions.