Giving up smoking isn’t easy, and there is no right or wrong way to do it. There is lots of advice out there to help you whether it’s going ‘cold turkey’ or replacing cigarettes with e-cigarettes. Many smokers can find it difficult to switch to e-cigarettes, and for this there are a number of reasons. Whether it’s adapting to the devices themselves, or it just doesn’t give the same effect as a traditional cigarette, here are five things you can try to help you commit to vaping and kick smoking in to touch.

Get a good device

One of the most common reasons vapers have trouble committing to e-cigarettes, is because of the e-cig device they are using. There is a large contrast in effectiveness between cigalikes and mods, as a study has shown that using cigalikes for over an hour doesn’t match just five minutes of smoking. Mods get a lot more nicotine, so if you’re using a more basic e-cigarette, you may want to switch to a more powerful device like a vape pen or mod.

Explore new flavours

As e-cigarette devices have evolved, so has the variety of eliquid flavours that are available. Many smokers who start vaping often use tobacco as their go-to flavour. However, over time, the taste of tobacco may get tedious which could lead to vapers to think that they may as well return to traditional cigarettes. Branching out into different flavours makes vaping much more enjoyable as it offers you something smoking can’t – a true variety of flavours!

Choose the right level of Nicotine

Ensure you’re getting the right amount of nicotine. Too little nicotine won’t satisfy you so you may get tempted to smoke, and too much can dry out the throat, and could even make you feel unwell. It’s best to experiment with different levels of nicotine to find out what is suitable for you. The right amount of nicotine is key to the vaping experience as it will satisfy your nicotine craving. Paired with the right flavour, it will make the transition much much easier.

Start with dual use

Transitioning from a pack a day to no cigarettes at all, is no easy task. So, that’s why many new vapours begin by using both e-cigarettes and traditional tobacco cigarettes. This is an effective method because you can gradually cut down the number of cigarettes you smoke, until you stop altogether. People deal with addiction in different ways and only you will know know which method will suit you best.

Vape the right way

While there are similarities between smoking and vaping, there are some important techniques you can use to get more out of vaping. Longer and slower puffs are required for users to get the most nicotine, whereas traditional cigarettes require harder puffs, so this ingrained habit continues when vaping. So, if you feel vaping isn’t satisfying enough, then consider changing your style and taking deeper, slower puffs for a better effect.

Many former smokers assumed that vaping was similar to smoking. However, as you become a more experienced vaper, you will realise that they are two different things entirely. It’s at this stage where you will begin to give yourself the best chance of kicking your smoking habit in to touch.

Switching from smoking to e-cigarettes isn’t as simple and easy as it looks. However, with the right attitude, and a suitable e-cigarette and eliquids, you will give yourself the very best chance of quitting smoking for good and enjoying a healthier lifestyle (and bank balance!).