There is some fat that is more tenacious then other. For most of us the slowest reduction of fat happens in our hips, stomach, thighs and lower backs. This is not just aesthetically unpleasing, but it can pose danger for our health. Abdominal fat, for instance is linked with a lot of undesirable health conditions, such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, various heart conditions, etc. A study performed by German researchers found that even when the body mass index (BMI) is normal, excess abdominal fat is associated with increased risk of dying. Luckily, stubborn fat is one of those problems for which there are numerous solutions. We will give you some of them.

Be Active Outside the Gym


Simple exercising in the gym is not enough. You have to be active outside of it. Whenever you can, go on foot. Instead of using the elevator, try walking the stairs every day. If your office is relatively close, walk to work instead of driving. If it is too far away, than go by car but park a couple of blocks further. Take the weights with you (heavy bag, briefcase, rucksack, etc). Accumulating the exercise activities during the day will prove to be very helpful.

Be Active in the Gym


We all know that cardio is what should get us started for losing fat. Still, believe it or not, it is not enough. Strength training is crucial part of fat-losing process, so no matter if it seems intimidating for gym newbies, it cannot be ignored. Cardio should be used to warm you up, by getting your heart rate up before starting strength training. Here, you should know proper techniques and adequate weights, so that you would avoid injuries.

By the Power of Protein


Protein is one of the most important nutrients that will help you lose fat. Mostly, this happens because of its thermic effect (TEF). The thermic effect of food is the amount of calories that can be burned by digesting and processing different macronutrients. Protein’s TEF is 20 to 35% of burned calories, while for carbs that amount is 5 to 15% and for fats just 0 to 5%. That is why you should intake food rich with protein and even boost your diet with whey protein powder.

The Most Precious Liquid

Bottle and metric measuring tape

We are, of course, referring to water. Many studies have shown that water speeds up weight loss process. Proper hydration can improve athletic performance, thus helping you exercise with your full energy capacity. Water can also mimic the feeling of fullness. So, the more water you drink, the less food you will eat. Drinking one glass of water before every meal can significantly promote weight loss. The basic rule of hydration states that you should drink 8 to 12 glasses of water per day. Still, higher physical activity requires increased intake.

The Big Fat Truth


Not all fats are bad. Your body needs fat in order to function properly, so you cannot renounce it completely. One Swedish study found that abdominal fat accumulation can be prevented by swapping the saturated fat with polyunsaturated one (fish, sunflower oil, canola oil, walnuts, etc). This is the first study that shows the composition of fat influences something else other than cholesterol levels and risk of heart diseases, and that is, where the fat will be stored.

It will be hard, but it is not impossible. All it takes is that you be wise and follow some guidelines, and be a bit more stubborn than that annoying fat.