Memorial day weekend is upon us once again. It marks the beginning of summer and represents one of the most important holidays in the American calendar. According to, Memorial Day is one of the top 16 holidays in America. This 3-day holiday provides a great opportunity for you to spend some quality time with your friends and family. If you have no idea what to do this Memorial Day weekend, don’t worry because we have the perfect solution for you. Here are 6 fantastic ideas for Memorial Day weekend:

  1. Outdoor Picnic

Everyone loves a picnic in summer! So grab some food and find a picturesque spot where you can enjoy a great afternoon with food, laughter and fun. Challenge yourself by researching for new and exciting picnic spots. You would be surprised at how many amazing picnic spots are right within your neighborhood. Don’t forget to carry fun games and some sunblock!

  1. Watch a movie or series

Have you been extremely busy with work or school such that you haven’t had time to watch the latest blockbusters? Well, Memorial Day weekend offers the perfect opportunity for you to catch up on all your favorite movies and series. You could even have a series marathon whereby you watch an entire season of your favorite TV series. So, grab some popcorn and enjoy the show.

  1. Do a DIY project

If you enjoy DIY activities, then Memorial Day weekend is the perfect time for you to work on that project you’ve been postponing. A great idea would be to install a flag in your front yard. This is a simple task that will improve the appearance of your home while also demonstrating your patriotic spirit on this important holiday. So, go ahead and order a high quality Atlantic flagpole together with the mounting kit and let the fun begin.

  1. Visit a water park or beach

Everyone knows that summer time means loads of fun water activities. So, to mark the official beginning of summer, why not visit a water park or local beach with your friends and family. Water parks allow you to enjoy thrilling rides and other fun activities. Remember to carry a waterproof camera so that you can capture all these phenomenal memories.

  1. Plan a barbeque

A holiday is not complete without food! Memorial day is the perfect time for you to host a great summer barbeque and invite all your friends, family and neighbors to join in the festivities. If you are looking to cut costs, you can host a barbeque potluck whereby each person brings a homemade dish and then you can share the food together.

  1. Have a sleepover

When was the last time you had a sleepover with your friends? Well, don’t waste the opportunity to have a fabulous sleepover this Memorial Day weekend! This is the perfect way to take some time off school and work to enjoy quality time with those you love. You can even go on a mini-vacation to rest and rejuvenate.To know more information about day weekend ideas kindly visit the author URL.