Winter days can leave some folks wishing they could hibernate until the spring thaw. And who could blame them? Gray skies increase the chances of Vitamin D deficiency, and not everyone is down for a game of “Which Pile of White Stuff is My Car Hidden Under?” Somehow, though, if you have a significant other in your life, the winter days and nights don’t seem as dull. Unearth your sense of adventure, grab your honey, and make this a season filled with date nights to be remembered. For those suffering from brain freeze, here’s a list of fun date inspiration to get you started.

Hello/Goodbye Picnic

The holiday season creates a great deal of additional commitments, and bad weather can make commutes longer. Many people end up feeling overwhelmed rather than relaxed at what is supposed to be a time of warmth and peace. A romantic and fun way of escaping without even leaving the house is to plan an indoor picnic for you and your sweetheart. Go all the way with a blanket, candles and finger foods. If you have a fireplace, stage your picnic in front of it and play your favorite music softly in the background.

This idea is a favorite and could become an annual tradition. You could create a different theme each year. The objective is simplicity, warmth and lots of one-on-one engagement. This is the perfect time to say, “Hello” to the upcoming year. Connect over goals and dream a little about what’s in store! You can also reminisce over the great times you’ve had during the past year. Communicating your favorite highlights is great affirmation and may spark new ideas for future surprises!

Steamy Night of Love

What’s steamier than a hot tub? If you have never experienced a cold night while sitting in a steaming, bubbly hot tub, you haven’t lived! If you don’t have a hot tub of your own, you won’t likely have to go far to find one. A night in a hotel or a bed-and-breakfast with an outdoor hot tub is a great idea. If you want more privacy, though, shop around for spas ahead of time and install one on your own patio. It’s a great investment, and the fun, relaxing dates of sitting in a warm, hot tub with steam rising into the brisk night sky don’t have to stop. Relaxing with your sweetheart as the massaging jets melt away stress and tension makes for a soothing date night and ensures a much-deserved sound night of sleep. While you’re at it, let your imagination fill in the rest of the night’s agenda as well. Conversations? Optional.

“Donate Yourself” Date Night

Is there anything more attractive than a person who is kind and caring to others? Donating time to others as a form of bonding and togetherness can create one of the most exciting and memorable dates. Especially during the winter and holiday seasons, there is no shortage of people who are in need of the grace and generosity of those who are in a position to help.

Homeless shelters, food pantries, soup kitchens and fire stations are all hotbeds of activity during a time of year when harsh weather conditions make the vulnerable even more so. Plan to give the season a date night and spend it packaging, serving or delivering food, dispersing warm blankets and clothing, or helping the fire department with the local toy drive distribution. Acts of kindness as a team will feel incredibly special, and witnessing the dire struggles of those less fortunate reinforces personal gratitude.

Christmas Village Gallivanting

Many places have a town or neighborhood that makes Christmas feel somewhat like a Hallmark movie. Charming streets with wreaths, lights and cheerful holiday tunes softly bellowing out make it impossible to feel anything but warmth and connection. A day of shopping, dinner and strolling through the beautifully lit streets is sure to invoke the magic of Christmas.

A quick search of Christmas towns near you will lead you in the right direction. There are many places around the world that will stir your holiday loving inner child; what could be more romantic than snuggling close amid twinkling Christmas lights?

Nutcracker Ballet

Even the most ballet-opposed people on the planet can’t help but enjoy the classic ballet of the Nutcracker. It’s hard to pinpoint that one thing that wins us over when it comes to this dreamy Christmas tale. Maybe it’s the ominous Rat King. Or, maybe it’s the surprisingly familiar music score that we didn’t previously know belonged to the Nutcracker. Or, maybe it’s the awe we feel while attempting to figure out how the dancers manage to not slip and fall on the fake snow coming down in some scenes. You won’t know until you get there and see it for yourself!

Splurge for great seats. Prepare to be dazzled and to clap. Many people find this a date night that is so mesmerizing, it becomes an annual tradition. Add dinner before or after and you’ve got one star of a winter date night.

This is cause for celebration! You now have five ideas for winter and holiday season date nights that will keep festive and fun, active parts of your cold weather regimen. You’re still allowed some days of snuggling in a blanket while gripping a hot mug of cocoa and watching a Christmas movie, but do trade in your slippers for boots and head outside with your Christmas crush on occasion so that you don’t miss out on experiences that wouldn’t be quite the same at any other time of year.