What’s more fun than a family hobby? If you’re after a way to bond with your children, here’s an idea for everyone’s interests – a collection! Whether you love quirky pottery or concert tickets, you can accumulate items over time to build an extraordinary display. And best of all, this activity works best with more than one person.

Take a look at these ideas so that you can create a memorable family collection.

1. License Plates

Whether or not you’ve moved around as a family, an assortment of license plates looks super cool. Because every state has their own current design, you could try to collect all 50. Many areas offer limited edition tags that are worthwhile, too. In the past, each state would produce a new license plate every year. In that case, there’s a lot to check out. Some people choose to accumulate foreign or historical license plates as well.

It’s likely that you already have a few license plates in your garage, so start there. Then, you can travel to auction events and garage sales to ramp up your collection. If your family decides to get a little serious about your collection, you can organize trades with other hobbyists.

2. Comic Books and Memorabilia

Most superhero fanatics love comic books. So, if your family enjoys Marvel or DC Comics characters, why not start a collection? Plus, you don’t have to be a certain age to enjoy this hobby. You could seek out comic books from your childhood – or help your kids nail down modern-day memorabilia.

Sometimes, vintage comic books cost a lot of money. If you want to get your hands on a rare edition that’s decades old, you’ll have to spend a pretty penny. But a casual collection can be equally fun. Head over to your local comic book store to browse their assortment. You can also browse eBay or Craigslist for potential sales. Just make sure that you buy the real deal!

3. Rare Coins

If you and your family enjoy history, here’s a terrific idea. From pennies to half dollars, coins can come in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes, you’ll find beautiful designs etched on either side. There’s a lot of different routes that you can take when you build a coin collection. You could base your assortment on a specific time period, like the 20th century. Or, opt for the same type of coin instead.

You’ll want to learn a few relevant phrases, like “base metal,” which refers to a coin made of non-precious metals. This way, you’re able to communicate with other collectors and search online through proper terms. You could also collect foreign change or bills if you like to travel.

4. Vinyl Records

These days, vinyl albums are back! Many young adults have turned to record players to listen to their music. Whether you grew up with vinyl albums or not, they’re an excellent item to use in a collection. Most records offer notable artwork on the front, so they make for the perfect visual assortment. You can also take this opportunity to introduce your kids to some of your favorite tunes.

Of course, record stores offer a ton of vinyl albums, so you can start there. But you’ll find rare collectibles at garage sales and thrift stores. Seek out whatever bands you prefer – then, you can spend a little more money on vintage records. You could also collect vinyl albums based on their cover designs. It’s up to you.

5. Sports Cards

A lot of families love sports, especially if their kids participate. So, why not start a collection of sports cards? People started to collect baseball cards in the 1930s. Then, after World War II, companies began to produce more and more. Today, there’s a card for every kind of sport – and it’s a hobby that’s alive and well in the digital age. You can decide to focus on a single sport or expand your range.

Many first-time collectors focus on rookie cards or complete collections. If you’re interested in value, unopened packs from the 1900’s sell for thousands of dollars. You’ll want to look for different assortments at specialty stores, especially as big-box retailers haven’t sold sports cards in quite a while. That said, you and your family can focus on an enjoyable pastime instead of cost.

But if you stumble across a 1909 Honus Wagner T206, don’t hesitate to snatch up the Mona Lisa of baseball cards – very, very carefully.

Start a Memorable Collection With Your Family

If you’re interested in a hobby that you can do as a family, it’s time to begin a collection. Choose an object that interests or fascinates everyone and start your assortment. You’ll be able to create a lot of memories along the way.