Summer vacation is right around the corner and many grandparents are looking for ways that they can interact with their grandchildren and continue to build on these important relationships. While the current COVID-19 crisis may limit many traditional outings such as catching the latest summer blockbuster movie, there are still things that you can to create memories with your grandchildren. Here are five of the best activities to try out with your grandchildren.

Head Out on a Nature Hike

If you are physically able, a nature hike is a great way to connect with Mother Nature while also spending quality time with your grandchildren. You can make this more engaging by making it a scavenger hunt for the kids. You do not have to go out for the entire day to make this worthwhile. A simple hike on a trail near your home will suffice if you have younger kids in tow. Be sure to bring along more water than you anticipate needing. Kids also love to stop for a snack at the halfway point so pack your bag accordingly. Other items to bring along include sunscreen, a first aid kit, and insect repellant.

Engage in STEM Learning

Engage those little minds with a variety of STEM-based learning activities. There is no limit to the entertainment and educational opportunities when you make learning fun. STEM activities are perfect for all ages and interests as long as you customize them to fit their skill and intellect level. Stream tables are a great learning activity that you can make at home. A stream table will enable your grandchild to learn more about river formations in varying landscape scenarios in an interactive and hands-on manner. There are a variety of online tutorials and packets that you can utilize to learn how to construct your own stream table.

Look Through Photo Albums

Take a trip down memory lane by looking through family photo albums. Younger kids especially love looking at pictures of themselves or their parents as babies. This is a fun way to teach your grandkids about their family history. You can use this time to springboard into fun stories about the family. If you have a lot of unorganized photos, you may even consider asking your grandchildren to help you to make a memory book. You can further enhance this activity by making a family tree together. This will also help to emphasize the importance of family to your grandchildren, helping them to feel more connected to the bigger picture.

Have a Movie Night

Now is an ideal time to plan a marathon movie night. This is also a great excuse to snuggle up with your favorite kids under the blankets and spend a night relaxing. Let everyone in the family pick one movie for the screening session. Be sure to plan ahead so that you have plenty of snacks on hand. Good ideas include popcorn, candy, and special drinks. Involve the kids by letting them choose snacks to nosh on while watching the movies. You can make it more fun by helping the kids to build blanket forts to sit in while watching the movie.

Break Out the Board Games or Puzzles

There is nothing more classic than a family board game night. You may have to experiment with a variety of games to find the right match for your family’s interests. Card games are also a good idea, particularly if you have older grandchildren. Up the ante and excitement level by suggesting some entertaining bets to make. If games are not of much interest to your grandchildren, you can also try finding an age-appropriate puzzle. Set up a fun buffet of foods such as a nacho or taco bar or simply order in pizza for the night.

There is no limit to the fun that you can have with your grandchildren. These little people are always open to a new adventure or an activity with the people that they love the most. Once you find the activity that piques their interest, it will be easy to keep them engaged and entertained. You will never regret spending time with your grandchildren.