Though most people rather not contemplate their own death and plan for their funeral while they are in the prime of their life, the fact is that planning for a funeral now will help save family and friends from financial problems in the future. As difficult as it may be, there are many financial benefits that come from preparing early. Not only will you be able to make sure that your family has the means to pay for the funeral, you will also ensure they will not be stressing about it while they are dealing with your loss. Preparing for your funeral will help your family and friends both monetarily and emotionally. Read on for five reasons why it’s important to start planning for your funeral now.

Save for the Cost of Your Funeral

The most obvious reason to start planning early is the high cost. Funeral costs are expensive and they continue to rise with every passing year. As an adult funeral can cost upwards of $9,000, failing to plan or save at all will make this time incredibly expensive as well as mournful for your loved ones. By starting to make financial arrangements for your funeral now, you’ll be able to posthumously pay for all or most of these costs. Certain insurance policies and advanced arrangements can bring the cost far down. Another way to lower costs is to plan for both you and your spouse at the same time. If cost is the primary focus you have, then also opt for cheaper coffin materials, a simpler headstone, or even cremation.

Plan According to Your Wishes

Following your passing, your loved ones will want to do their best to honor your life according to your wishes. Should something happen before you are able to write out your plans for your funeral, your family and friends won’t know what to do. This can cause arguments, tears, and distress. Putting together your funeral arrangements during the present will give your loved ones an idea of how you would like your life to be celebrated. This takes a lot of the burden of planning and preparation off of them (as long as your plans are not so elaborate). Remember: the purpose of planning for your funeral is to make things easier on your loved ones, not to put pressure on them to celebrate your life in an extravagant way after your passing.

Alleviate Family Conflict

When families get together, conflict isn’t often far away. With something as emotional as a funeral, it isn’t hard for families to start fighting with one another. Though you won’t be able to physically alleviate the conflict in person, by handling all the details surrounding your will, choice of a funeral home, and selecting a gravestone, you can help to ease some of the tension. Alleviating family conflict may not seem like a financial benefit, but it is. A lot of the extra cost can come from family members not agreeing on plans, making separate arrangements, and not working together to get the best package deals.

Reduce Your Family’s Financial Burden

In addition to making arrangements for your funeral at this time, don’t forget to create a will that clearly details where your assets and savings will go. Too often, family members are left with the financial burden of a funeral without any clear idea of who will receive the assets, debts, and other financial loose ends following their loved one’s passing. While you may not be able to leave your finances in perfect order at the time of your death, preparing your will and analyzing the state of your finances now will help reduce the financial burden of your death. It is never too early to make a will or financial trust. Look into how much your family will be taxed on their inheritance after your death, and consider looking into a living trust or other legal way to keep your estate from falling into probate court. By planning ahead of time, you can make sure your family gets as much of what you leave to them as possible.

Make Grieving Less Stressful

The death of a loved one is one of the most distressing experiences. Amidst the grieving, your family and friends may find it impossible to deal with the details of your funeral. While you won’t be able to comfort them or stop them from grieving, planning now will help them to spend less time with the funeral planning and more time commemorating your life with each other.

Planning for your own funeral is a necessary step in living a financially stable life. Make sure your loved ones are well prepared for the inevitable by starting to save for your funeral now.