Regardless of your age, you should have fun with fashion. When women reach their 40s, they may feel that they have to give up some of the stylish pieces they used to wear in their younger years. While many women have experienced physical changes at this point in life, that doesn’t mean that they can’t wear trendy, colorful, and flattering pieces that will express their personalities and sense of style. Here are five fashion trends for women in their 40s.

Everyone looks great in denim. This timeless material can be edgy, elegant, or a combination of both, which is why it’s the perfect trend for women of any age. High-waisted jeans in particular are in style right now since they cover the midsection and help to accentuate a women’s shape. The darker the denim, the dressier the jeans will look whether you’re pairing them with a t-shirt or sequined blouse.

Bright Colors and Pastel Tones
There are a few colors that are on-trend for women in their 40s that look great on several different complexions. If you have warm undertones, shades of gold and bronze, as well as corals and peaches, are on-trend in every season. You can add these colors to your wardrobe by adding a gold or coral camisole under a business suit or wearing a peach blouse with a brown or black skirt for a pop of color. Patterned pants in these colors from Krazy Larry are perfect if you want to show off bright colors in your outfit.

Brighter colors like turquoise and Kelly green are also part of the popular colors women in their 40s can wear. Tops that feature floral prints in these colors are ideal for people with cool skin tones. These colors make a black ensemble stand out, so you can use these colors as the inspiration for fashion accessories like scarves and sunglasses.

Cardigans and Oversized Blazers
Cardigans are a great way to make even the most casual outfits look a little more polished. You can wear a cardigan or duster with a pair of fitted jeans and a graphic t-shirt to give a carefree outfit a bit more refinement. Cardigans look great with everything from heels to sneakers and they’re a practical fashion piece during the fall and winter since they’ll keep you warm and cozy throughout the day.

If you want your look to be a little more edgy or sophisticated, try an oversized blazer. You can contrast the blazer with a fitted blouse or camisole to show off your figure without revealing too much. Or, you can wear the oversized blazer with a bralette for a flirtier look. These blazers look great with wide-leg dress pants for a comfortable professional outfit or with jeans to dress up a casual look.

Boho Chic Pieces
The boho-chic look is great for women in their 40s since many of the pieces are free-flowing and flattering for several body types. You can wear a fitted white t-shirt or tank top with a maxi skirt that features floral or abstract print. Or, wear a tunic-style shirt with distressed jeans. You can also incorporate boho chic style into your professional wear by mixing patterns and colors for a look that is truly one of a kind. To complete the look, add accessories like dream catcher earrings, bangle-style bracelets in metallic shades, and distressed leather belts. This style trend works well in all seasons as well, since you can likely add a leather jacket to an aspiring or summer outfit to make it more appropriate for colder weather.

Large Handbags
Large handbags are not only trendy for women in their 40s, but they’re practical as well. You can fit several important items in your bag, including your phone, hand sanitizer, or even a tablet or small laptop so you can take care of important work tasks even when you’re not in your office space. These bags look great with several outfits which means you can wear them with professional or casual clothing. Large handbags come in several materials, including tweed, leather, and cotton so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from whether your style is conservative, modern, elegant, or carefree. Choose from colors like tan, black, or navy so that the handbags will match your outfit no matter what you’re wearing.

It’s important to think about the pieces you deem stylish when updating your wardrobe in your 40s. You can still wear form-fitting pieces or showcase your favorite colors while still looking age-appropriate. These fashion items can help you feel your best and send a message to the world about how sophisticated, fun-loving, or professional you are — all through your clothing.




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