With summers approaching, you need to be prepared to beat the heat. Perhaps, your old AC has broken down or it is not ideal for the extreme heat the summer season is going to bring. So, you might be thinking to buy a new air conditioner and this is certainly not an easy task. With the variety and specifications available, it becomes difficult to choose the right one. Also, the factors like the size of your accommodation and the weather of the city plays significant role. You do not want to end up with something that is not suitable to beat the heat or something that removes all the natural humidity.

So, consider all these factors before you go to the market. They will let you make the most optimum choice:

  1. Size Does Matter

Size is a very wide concept and here we are not just talking about the size of the room in terms of square foot. It needs to be considered other ways too. Like the relative size of the room, the size of the doors and windows, its construction, the floor on which your house is and lastly, the availability of insulation. All these factors will all together help you consider the right choice for your space.

If you buy an Ac too large, it will need more breaks and perhaps the more it is kept switched on, the more it will cost in terms of electricity. If you buy an AC too small then it would not help to prevent the humidity and therefore choose the correct size.

  1. An Energy Efficient System Is Foremost Important

Every investment we make, we value it against how cost efficient it is. Well, in that way, the air conditioner we buy is a huge investment at stake, so we need to take that decision wisely to make it a fair deal. For that you need to consider the BEE ratings. The higher the rating (number of stars), the more energy efficient the system would be. Another thing that should come to your consideration is the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating), which is an equally important factor in determining the energy efficiency for the product. Consider both these rating and reduce your electricity bill as far as you possibly can.

  1. Features You Are Looking For

First you need to decide on what specifications and features you want from your AC. Like a window AC is easy to install and feasible to maintain but a spilt Ac would add to the aesthetics of your room and provide perfect cooling but is high maintenance. Other options available are in terms of high tech functionality, like thermostat functioning which will allow you to set different temperature at different hours of the day and even when you are out. So, make sure what you want and choose the one which provides you with the best combinations.

  1. Consider Your Budget

Even the best of the features and amenities are not going to lure you, if they are out of your budget. So, the next important task is to fit all your requirements in a system that comes in your planned expenditure for the purchase. So, make your choice on the basis of those terms only. The Ac which comes in the best affordable price with maximum number of features and lowest energy incur. Also, consider different payment plan so you can spread the payment over a long period of time to avoid an unpleasant burden.

  1. Consider Different Brands Available

All the brands would be vouching for their quality and services, but you have to act smart and make the best choice out of them all. Consider all the services they are offering and balance them against the price they are asking for and decode the best equation that suits your budget too.

For that you need to see the following:

  • The kind of warranty they are offering.
  • The kind of maintenance plan they are offering
  • Did they ask for your choice and needs and the kind of space you want to install the AC for before giving their recommendations.

So these were the five points that you need to keep in mind while choosing a new air conditioner and we hope this article was helpful in the same. Do comment below to let us know your thoughts.