You may have bought it years ago, promising yourself that there would be plenty of opportunities to wear it. Since then, you wore your favorite fur coat to one event, and it has been wasting away in storage or in a closet ever since.

Like every fur owner, you probably feel very strongly about the coat and certainly have not forgotten about it. Unfortunately, there just have not been that many opportunities in which you could realistically wear it.

Or maybe you are not financially fortunate enough to own a real fur (or you have a moral obligation against it), but you still look amazing in your faux fur every time you try it own in your bedroom. Whether your fur coat came from an animal or another source, you deserve the opportunity to shine and stun as you hit the town like a celebrity.

Since red carpets, charity balls and other formal events do not come around nearly enough for most of us, this guide is designed to give you a few more practical suggestions for when you can bust out the fur.

1.  A Winter Wedding

Even though we are not all fortunate enough to regularly attend high-class society events, weddings provide a chance for everyone to dress their absolute best. While it would obviously be difficult to pull off a fur coat at a traditional springtime ceremony, winter weddings provide the best excuse imaginable to bundle up in fur.

The key here, as it is in so many instances with fur, is making sure your look is tasteful. Even if the wedding takes place in the cooler months of the year, a fur might not be right for small, casual ceremonies. Even though you may enjoy the attention, you also need to ensure that your glorious fur coat does not outshine the bride on her special day.

2. Anniversary Dinner

Although a fur may be too over-the-top for some evenings, your anniversary is the most important date night of the year. This provides you the perfect opportunity to wear a beautiful formal gown, your best jewelry and top everything off with your favorite fur coat. Not only will you turn heads around town, your husband will also be reminded of how lucky he is.

3. Christmas Party

Whether it is an office event or an affair with personal acquaintances, a Christmas party is likely to be the best excuse you have to wear fur all year. Unlike dinner, theater and other occasions in which only strangers see you, this gives you the chance to show off your fur to friends, coworkers and others whom you see regularly.

4. Girls’ Night Out

Sometimes you don’t need any special event or venue at all to hit the town in your fur. Assuming that the weather is cool, the outfit is right and your friends are also dressed appropriately, you can go just about anywhere in town wearing your fur. Unlike other events in which you remove your coat upon arrival, a nice girls’ night out gives you the chance to wear your coat for as long as you please.

5. Casual Fur

It is a well-established fact that fur coats should normally be reserved for formal venues and fancy events. However, you can wear a fur jacket, vest, hat or other accessory anytime that you get the urge.

“Match a fur vest with a mini skirt for a classy casual look,” says one fur expert at Koslow’s Furs. “Or add a fur jacket to skinny pants and a thin shirt for a fashion rebel look.”

No matter the venue, the most important aspect of wearing a fur is confidence. A fur coat will always draw the eyes of the people around, as it is designed to do, and you need to revel in the attention. Know that you are bold, classy and sexy, and you can make any event an excuse to wear fur.