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The leaves on the trees are beginning to change colors. There’s a noticeable chill in the air. The birds are beginning to fly south. There’s no denying that the end of summer is near, but there is still plenty of warm weather left for you and your family to enjoy a few last-minute activities in the great outdoors.

Amusement Parks

As far as exciting family activities go, amusement parks are usually at the top of the list. Whether you go to a local state amusement park or one that is world-renowned, amusement parks contain enough activities, games, and rides to keep your family entertained for hours.

Once the colder months of autumn set in, outdoor amusement parks will begin to close, so you should pack up your family for one last trip of fun rides and delicious snacks to enjoy the last days of warm weather.


With the coming of winter also comes the end of outdoor swimming adventures. This is the perfect time to pack a bag and head to the local beach to enjoy some warm sunlight and salty sea air. If you’re unable to get to a beach, water parks are an exciting alternative for you and your family.

Swimming lessons are available at water parks, recreation centers, public pools, and private organizations for those who haven’t yet learned to swim. You can even find swimming lessons for adults in NYC and elsewhere. This would be a perfect time to learn so you’re ready for next year’s family water activities.


Before the paths of the local hiking trails become covered in snow and ice, you should definitely consider gearing up to take your family on a hiking day trip. Before heading out on your hiking adventure, you should ensure that you’ve packed all the necessary provisions your family will need while on this hike.

Also, if any of your family members have an allergy or a medical condition that requires special medication, be sure to bring along extra doses of the medication in case of an emergency.


One of the most beloved summertime activities, camping allows us to disconnect from the digital world and reset our minds and biological clocks with the rising and setting of the sun. Nothing can bring a family closer together than a camping trip.

While camping has undergone a severe technological upgrade in recent years, the most rewarding camping experience comes from a simple tent, sleeping bag, campfire, and quality time with your family. If this basic type of camping is too rustic for you, there are other camping options which include a camper or trailer, RV, cabin, or even something new called glamping.

Whatever your preference, be sure to bring the entire family and plenty of games to bask in the last days of summer.

Luau At Home

There are few things that kids love more than bright colors and happy music. If you’re looking for an exciting activity to enjoy with your family, a luau at home is a perfect idea. Not only does it save you travel money by occurring in your backyard, but it can be achieved on a modest budget and will provide quality entertainment.

The entire family can dress in grass skirts, the children can make homemade leis, and a makeshift limbo stick can be erected in the grass. Fire up the grill and cook up some delicious Hawaiian-style recipes. Don’t forget the cocktail umbrellas for the drinks!

Always take the proper precautions in any outdoor activities. If you start a campfire, be sure to put it out properly to prevent a forest fire. When enjoying a day of swimming, always bring a life jacket or be under the supervision of a strong swimmer. Enjoy these last few weeks of summer by being safe and being smart.