It can’t get bigger than a wedding day. It feels special and evokes varied emotions, ranging from joy to excitement. For couples, the day is perhaps the most beautiful in their lives and thus, they wish to make it truly memorable. However, planning a wedding is never easy as it involves taking care of a lot of things to put everything into places. From decorations to catering, adjusting guests, menu options, etc., there’s a lot of things to work upon as only they a successful wedding happens. You should however not worry a bit and take help from these 5 tips to planning a wedding like a professional.

Here are those tips –

1. Set a budget and timeline

First and foremost, you have to set a budget for the wedding and then plan all the things around it. The budget can spiral out of control if you did not plan things well in advance. Similarly, you have to stick to a timeline so that all the arrangements are done in a timely manner and nothing is left for the last minute. So, do have a checklist ready at hand and move ahead for the event accordingly.

2. Prepare the guest list

For the wedding, you’ll inviting a lot of guests and relatives and their numbers should be clear to you. Basically, all your food and other arrangements will depend on the people supposed to grace the event. Based on that, you can assess the actual budget. Make sure you invite the people who matter to you and have arrangements for them. This will decide the kind of money you will need for the wedding.

3. Decide on the venue and theme

Weddings are an event so planners have to decide on the venue and theme at the earliest to get into right preparation mode. For venue, you have to consult people, get the rate list, quality and facilities available there and then make up the decision. Similarly, you have to decide in advance the theme around which the marriage will take place. Both these are critical aspects and you got to get them bang on!

4. Hire right vendors

It’s the vendors that prove the major difference between a well-organized and shoddily -arranged marriages. Make sure to set up a meeting with vendors well in advance and convey to them exact requirements. Have their contact numbers written somewhere so that they can be easy to find. All vendors are important, whether food caterer, beverage caterer, DJ, lighting, décor etc.

5. Be ready for challenges

Weddings are a big-ticket events so chances of something going out of way is fairly common. There are lots of things to take care and no matter how much efforts are being put, something might not come exactly the way it’s planned. So, rather than fretting and fuming, you got to have the plan B ready so that the damages can be minimized. May that’s why it’s a good idea to hire an event management agency and get peace of mind.